By Ruona

to be at the pinnacle's
                         peak –no more bars to cross
not one
prayer to say       even
here is the world swirling chaotic around me
and i am breathing
the confusion
settled around my neck

to ruin a place   –patch it back,
and to preach the gospel of the
kingdom cum
to gaping holes

forgive me lord
if i am found catching stars with my teeth
when you finally come to kiss me

i cannot be my own affliction for 
a second time
i cannot afford regret

but what if i'm part of these ruins you made
would you pull me in
or out

will you make excuses for my excesses
or hate me for wearing
s t a r s
on my fingers?

dear god of my mother's heart
come kiss me please


Ruona (Full name: Idjenughwa Ogheneruona) writes from Benin city and she aims to smear the sun all over her lips, so the world would see her shine. Currently, she is a student of English and literature at the University of Benin Nigeria.
You can reach Ruona on Twitter @ruonaIdjenughwa or Instagram @_neruona.