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Poetry Column-NND is open to poetry submissions from Nigerian poets weekly. We publish one poem per week in our newspaper by Nigerian poets & are open to a diversity of voices—established & emerging. Check out our website for older publications to have an idea of what we publish.

We pay a token of N5,000 per poem. Our response time is one week; after which you can send an inquiry mail.
Submission Period: Saturday – Wednesday every week (Entries submitted on Thursday and Friday will remain unread).

– Send in one poem not more than 50 lines to [email protected]
– Submit the poem in the body of the mail.
– Send in bio not more than 50 words.
– Twitter and Instagram handles should be listed therein.

Former contributors are to wait a duration of six months from date of publication before submitting new work to the column. This is to promote an equitable spirit. Resources are limited and we want to give others the opportunity to be published too.

Closed Period: From October to December, we do not receive unsolicited poetry submissions but will instead publish works carefully selected by our curators, if possible.

All poets published between January and September are automatically entered into the FOLORUNSHO EDITOR’S POETRY PRIZE for that year.

While the right to the poem reverts to each poet upon publication, Poetry Column-NND reserves the right to republish each published poem in its annual anthology at the end of each year.

Pamilerin Jacob

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NDLEA collaborates with BUA Cement to combat drug abuse among workers



The National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has initiated a collaborative effort with BUA Cement to implement regular drug tests for drivers and other employees of the company, aiming to ensure they remain free from illicit substances.

Mr. Adamu Iro, the NDLEA Commandant in Sokoto State, disclosed this during a sensitization lecture jointly organized by NDLEA and BUA Cement for the company’s workers in Sokoto. Iro emphasized that this initiative would play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and commended BUA Cement for its commitment to this partnership.

Highlighting the importance of the initiative, Iro noted the alarming trend of some drivers engaging in the illegal use of substances, posing significant risks to their health and overall well-being. He expressed concern that drug abuse has unfortunately become a normalized lifestyle for many Nigerians, leading to an increase in criminal activities among drug-dependent individuals.

Iro underscored the correlation between drug abuse and the prevalent crimes in the nation, emphasizing that drivers under the influence of drugs pose serious threats to public safety through road accidents.

Mrs. Ramatu Sani, the Head of Training at BUA Cement, expressed gratitude to NDLEA for their support in promoting the well-being of workers and enhancing productivity within the company. She emphasized the significance of the sensitization program in fostering a healthy work environment and sustaining the partnership between NDLEA and BUA Cement.

Mr. Ibrahim Bande, the Head of Transport at BUA Cement, urged workers to heed the lectures and abstain from all forms of drug abuse, emphasizing its detrimental effects on personal development and societal well-being. He cautioned drivers against operating under the influence of drugs, emphasizing the importance of upholding the company’s integrity and ensuring road safety.

The event included a drama presentation highlighting the dangers of drug abuse and recognized staff members who have contributed to the fight against drug abuse within the company. Additionally, a road walk was organized within the community to raise awareness among residents about the hazards of drug abuse and its associated consequences.

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Submission Guidelines

Poetry Column-NND, Arts Lounge, CookingPot Publishing partner on Akachi Chukwuemeka Prize for Literature



Arts Lounge officially announces the call for submission for The 2024 Akachi Chukwuemeka Prize for Literature, in memory of Nigerian poet, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ugwuoke, popularly known as Chukwuemeka Akachi (1998-2019). Poetry Column-NND is a regular sponsor of the prize.

Chukwuemeka Akachi, a literary genius, died on the 13th of May, 2019, after a long time battle with a mental illness. Akachi had, before his death, made numerous, beautiful memories, and robbed off his alluring personality on everyone he came across. He was also the first contributor to Arts Lounge Literary Magazine, sending us his poem entitled ’Chat History’ to be published as soon as our website was launched.

This literary prize, worth 100,000 naira, will be awarded to a single poem by an African writer, that raises awareness about mental health and at the same time demonstrates the transforming power of literature. Winning work will also echo the chances of survival from mental health issues.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The prize is open to Africans living in Africa and the diaspora.
  2. Entries will be accepted from 1st of March-20th of April, 2024.
  3. Send a single poem of no more than 30 lines.
  4. Poem should be well edited, single spaced and in New Times Roman.
  5. The name of the poet should not appear on the document that has the poem.
  6. Entry should be accompanied by a cover letter that has the name, nationality, location and biography of the poet.
  7. Send entry to [email protected] with the subject: Akachi Chukwuemeka Prize.
  8. Questions and inquiries about the prize should be sent to the same email address.
  9. All long-listed entries will be published by Arts Lounge, in a collection to be released on the theme of mental health, later this year.
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Submission Guidelines




The NIGERIAN NEWSDIRECT CHAPBOOK AWARDS is an initiative of Poetry Column-NND that seeks to promote the voices of Nigerian poets, as the column does weekly in our newspaper. We hope to prioritize consistency of the award, and in so doing, document the vibrant work being put out by contemporary Nigerian poets.

Two selected poets will each win:

  1. N25,000
  2. Digital Chapbook published by Poetry Column-NND

Submission Window: August 15 – October 15, 2022


  • Eligibility: Nigerian
  • Submit a manuscript of 17 – 20 poems on singular or diverse themes
  • Include a cover page with the following details: title and author’s name
  • Manuscripts must be original works of the entrants
  • Some poems in the manuscript may have been published, but the manuscript as a whole must be previously unpublished
  • Send manuscript in .doc or .docx format (Times New Roman, size 12, single line spacing)
  • A maximum of 4 preliminary pages for dedication, acknowledgments, blurbs, and foreword
  • Include a bio not more than 100 words on the last page of your manuscript
  • Works promoting bigotry of all kinds will be rejected
  • Contact details (email address and phone number) of the author should be in the body of the mail and forwarded alongside the cover letter and manuscript to [email protected]


  • Only manuscripts which meet our standards will be considered for publication.
  • Selected manuscripts will be published on our site – for free download
  • Authors retain copyrights to their work, but give us the sole rights to electronically distribute same


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