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Pastor Adetula inducted sixth Ikeja Zonal Superintendent



By Goke Ilesanmi

It was indeed a dream come true for members of CAC Ikeja Zone, Lagos as their beloved Pastor Emmanuel Adetula was finally inducted as the sixth Zonal Superintendent of the zone on Palm Sunday, April 2, 2023, following his massive accomplishments, passionate commitment, visionary leadership and impressive administrative intelligenceduring hisprobationary period as the Acting Zonal Superintendent.

The induction service, which was conducted by Pastor Emmanuel Olusoko, Akiling Regional Superintendent held at CAC Oke-Ife 1, the Zonal Headquarters located at Lonlo Bus-stop, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos.

Pastor Olusoko, in his Induction Message with the thematic focus of “A work man approved of God”in allusion to 2 Timothy 2:15, stressed the need for Ministers of God to have deep knowledge of the Word of God, walk with Him always and deliver undiluted messages that are pleasant to God and not human beings.

The Akiling Regional Superintendent said Ministers of God and all Christians must live a Christ-like life that is devoid of sins because Christianity without Christ amounts to spiritual disaster.

In his words, “There are three things that will not die forever. One is your work. Another thing that will not die is your words. The third one is your character.”

Pastor Olusoko urged the congregation to demonstrate godly character always and not depend on talent alone for success.

“If talent takes you up, bad character can bring you down. If wealth or health is lost, nothing is lost. But if character is lost, everything is lost forever,” said the Regional Superintendent.

He added that it is through demonstration of good character that known preachers and field evangelists can easily convince sinners to forsake their sinful lifestyle and give their lives to Christ. The Regional Superintendent buttressed his assertion with an education allusion by saying that students hardly like the subjects of teachers they do not like.

Pastor Olusoko said Ministers’ challenges are legion, that is, many and inevitable.

He added that praying against manifestation of challenges is a spiritual effort in futility based on the scriptural reality of John 16: 33, which says, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall face tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have conquered the world.”

Pastor Olusoko said five-star spiritualgenerals such as Elijah, Daniel, Peter, Paul and Apostle Ayo Babalola had all experienced moments of adversity in their missionary assignments.He added that Ministers of God therefore need patience and prayers to cope with challenges. The Akiling Regional Superintendent told the Ministers of God in attendance to always pray for victory over challenges rather than pray against emergence of challenges.

He particularly urged Pastor Adetula to continue to be a servant leader to the subordinates and the entire members of the zone rather than a bossso as to stimulate harmonious working and spiritual relationships critical to massive zonal development.

Pastor Olusoko also advised Ministers’ Wives to endeavour to demonstrate humility and reciprocate the respect accorded them by the church members, particularly, the elderly ones.

In his own reaction, Pastor Adetula expressed appreciation to the Regional Superintendent for the fatherly advice and love always. The Ikeja Zonal Superintendent promised to continue to discharge his zonal leadership duties appropriately in line with the rules and regulations of CAC to facilitate speedy development of the zone and achieve the desired goal of transforming the Zone to a District Coordinating Council (DCC) status.

Articulating the same vision earlier in his Welcome Address, Elder Fola Asekun, the Zonal Secretary said, “Ikeja Zone can no longer continue to remain in ‘Kadesh Barnea’. The race to attaining a District Coordinating Council should begin now. All hands must be on deck to realise this within the shortest time possible. We can do it because God is on our side…”

Some of the highlights of the memorable occasion were the spiritually-impressive musical ministration by the Zonal Choir and commendable athletic display of professional march-past skills by the Royal Shepherd Brigade coordinated by the indefatigable Elder Ayorinde Ezekiel, a retired but not tired Police Officer.

Members of the zone expressed appreciation to God for finally making the long-awaited induction day a reality and huge success, and wish the amiable and peaceful Zonal Superintendent, a successful tenure.

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He is coming back again



Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give unto every one according to his deed. ( Rev. 22  vs. 12 – 13 )

Beloved, the believers of our time tend to ignore the significance of the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as most of them are not preparing for it at all. Some even said, “He is not coming again.’  What a heresy! This last stage of Jesus’ assignment must not be taken with levity as we have been warned in the scripture because what we are going to lose is great, eternal life.

Being conscious of His second coming would make us amend our ways to please Him so that we shall not be found wanting on the day of his appearance.

The main text, Revelation 22 vs.12 – 13, draws our attention to the following :

  1. The second coming of Jesus Christ is imminent and certain.

Jesus Christ assured the believers that His second coming is certain, adding that all eyes would see Him but not all would have the opportunity to be where He has gone to prepare for us ( Matt 7 vs. 21). He further mentioned some of the events that would take place before His arrival, most of which we have started experiencing today. ( Mathew 24 vs. 3 -51). The main thing that must happen before His arrival is in verse 14 of the same chapter. His disciples also confirmed to be true his messages about his second coming.

  1. Everything does not end in this world

Jesus Christ made us understand that death is not the end of man in this world. There is still hope of reigning with Him after death. God made man a little lower than the angels ( Hebrews 2 vs. 6-7, Psalm 8 vs. 4-9)), but we still have the opportunity to be transformed into ministering spirits like them ( Luke 20 vs. 35 – 36). That is, we shall be of equal status with them if we live a holy and righteous life in this world. That everlasting life opportunity that was lost in the garden of Eden shall be restored to those who make heaven after His second appearance ( Mark 12: 25).

  1. There is a reward for doing good and evil

If we who are mortal know how to reward those who have performed excellently well in good works in life with awards,  how much more God! There is a reward for our actions and deeds from God in this world and after we have died. The way a righteous man would be addressed on the last day would be different from that of a sinner ( Math 25 vs.21, Matt. 7 vs. 23). Joseph was adequately compensated by God for failing to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife in Egypt. He became the second in command to the king in the land and God also made him to be a father to pharaoh ( Gen. 45 vs. 8). He dwelt in the most fertile place in the land in his lifetime and he also made heaven.

  1. There is a record of everything we do in this world be it good or bad

Jesus Christ wants us to be conscious of the fact that whatever we do in this world is taken note of by our heavenly father, be it good or bad. This will make us amongst other things eschew evil. Remember, when David slept with Uriah’s wife, God knew and immediately sent Prophet Nathan to him. He was not spared, although, he was forgiven ( 2 Samuel 12 vs. 1-13). Jesus also told the Samaritan woman, who was also busy committing adultery, the number of husbands she had been with. She was shocked and eventually became saved ( John 4 vs. 16 – 19). In addition, when the sons of Eli, the Priest, were misbehaving (Samuel 2 vs.12), God called Samuel and told him everything his master’s sons were doing, and the consequences of their actions.      (1 Samuel 3 vs. 8 – 18).

  1. Stewardship is inevitable

No one shall be exempted from the judgment seat of Christ due to their status or position in this world and there shall be no form of favoritism on the judgment day. We shall all be equal indeed before the law as against what operates in this world ( 2 Corinthians 5 vs. 10). The sinners and the righteous shall stand before the judgment seat of the Lord to give an account of their deeds. In the parable of the talents, all the servants rendered an account of what they have done with their master’s talent ( Matt. 25 vs. 14 – 30). You will also do likewise one day. Be prepared.

  1. Sinners shall be separated from the righteous.

The sinners and the righteous shall not cohabit in the same place again as it is now. Sinners shall be in hell while the righteous shall reign with Christ. In the Book of Matthew 13 vs. 30, the Bible made us understand that the tares are the sinners and the wheat are those that do the will of God. During harvest, which means, on the last day, the tares/ weeds and the wheat shall be separated. Also, in the parable of the ten virgins, the five wise virgins were separated from the five foolish ones ( Mathew 25 vs. 1 – 13). Be wise.

  1. Those who are alive shall have the opportunity to witness physically the second coming of our Lord and Saviour

The main text also gives credence to what is written about the second coming of Jesus Christ in the book of  Act 1 vs. 10 – 11, Mathew 24 vs. 30, and Revelation 1 vs. 7 . Believers must beware of people who do not believe that Jesus Christ came to this world in human form because they are deceivers and antichrists ( 2 John 1 vs. 7 ). These types of people will never believe in His second physical appearance and rapture. The Prophets and Apostles also warned believers to beware of them. (2 Peter 3 vs. 1-4, 8-10).

Beloved, the day of reckoning is at hand. Don’t die in your sin. Repent before it is too late. Your salvation hour is now and it must not be delayed anymore. Whatever will hinder you from reigning with Christ in heaven must be avoided. If you die in your sins, you will lose eternity. That will not be your portion in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Remain blessed.

Written by Evangelist Alatise. S . O

For Free Tracts, Contact,

The Christian Tract Department

Zion’s Disciples Christian Evangelical Ministry

P. O. Box 2796, Sapon, Abeokuta, Ogun State.


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2023 WTN: Primate Ayodele unveils 5000 fulfilled prophecies



Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has launched the 2023/2024 edition of his annual prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations’ on Saturday at his Lagos church.

It was gathered that the new edition of ‘Warnings To The Nations’ include prophetic directions and warnings to presidents, governors, corporate organizations, personalities, and government agencies, among a host of others.

He unveiled a compendium of 5000 fulfilled prophecies derived from previous editions of the prophecy book from 2020-2023.

‘WTN’ which has been getting published since 1994 contains several warnings to presidents, governors, important personalities, prime ministers, and monarchs, to mention a few. Since its inception, WTN has over the years served as a prophetic guide to personalities that cut across every part of the world.

Meanwhile, the prophecies contained in the 2023/2024 edition of Warnings To The Nations addressed new governments across the world including Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio, and others. The elections coming up in Nigeria, African countries, and on the international scene were also addressed. Apart from elections, topical issues including the Russia-Ukraine war, the Sudan crisis, the Climatic condition, and several others were included.

According to the launched book, “G5 GOVERNORS:I foresee that the Group of Five (G5) governors will be struggling to be more relevant in the Nigerian political landscape. Their relevance will not be as expected. There are so many things that will be wrong with these people even as they will have issues. They will feel disappointment and betrayal among themselves. They will not enjoy political relevance even when they cross to other Political Parties. However, APC must be careful of such moves.’’

‘’EDO ELECTION: The spirit of God says they will disregard rotation. The opposition will break the party and the government should allow free and fair elections which is the only thing that will give the government victory. If the needful is not done the PDP’s chance to win the election is very slim. ‘’

‘’KOGI ELECTION: I foresee if the people in PDP are not ready then the APC will win.’’

‘’BAYELSA STATE ELECTION; The opposition will make sure the party of the incumbent fight tooth and nail to ensure victory.’’

‘’SIERRA LEONE: The country needs prayers for progress because they will gang up against the present government. There will be flooding in the country. The enemies of the government will want it to fail. Despite the efforts of the present government, they will not appreciate the ruling party. The government needs to strategize well because the opposition will not take it easy on the ruling party. The country must resist the outbreak of any disease.’’

‘’LIBERIA: I foresee that some parts of the country will want to work against the president. He will want to come out for another term. He will want to make his comeback bid for another term realistic. The country will have several political misunderstandings as the opposition will take various steps to des-stabilize the country. The opposition party will blackmail the government and plot against the government. For the second term of the president, he must work tirelessly to achieve this. The president should not underrate the opposition because they will want to create a major crisis for him’’

GABON: The spirit of God says this country needs prayers for success. The president needs prayers so that he will not be molested or blackmailed. The country will not be stable economically. I foresee the country will face so many challenges. I foresee that the political system of the country will have a lot of crises and they will work against the opposition. The country will face so many challenges. The country needs prayers against ups and downs. The spirit of God says the people of Gabon will call for a change of government. They will fight during the election. The spirit of God says the incumbent must re-strategize to succeed despite the president’s situation and the things that surround him, he will still strife to retain the seat.

‘’UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I foresee a review of the activities in the Stock Exchange of the country because of the level of unemployment. There will be bailout. The country must be careful because of unexpected shootings, racism, and political tension even as there will be lots of changes in the political arena. Although they will give palliatives and welfare packages and engage in house-to-house campaigns between the Democrats and the Republicans. The spirit of God says theRepublicansn must re-strategize and Joe Biden will want to go for a second term. If care is not taken, I foresee Donald Trump will come back strongly to take over. The spirit of God says if the American government wants to promote same-sex marriage it will see the anger of God. This action can destroy the government of the USA and this will create problems for the American government. I foresee that the Joe Biden government will come up with a law that will fail his government. Apart from this, the coming election in the United States will be very tough. It will cause street protests. The country must be careful against attacks and protests.

‘’RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR: The Russia and Ukraine war will take another dimension and so many things will happen in respect of this which we are going to see. So many things will be done to Russia. Russians will blame Putin for so many things they have been through. It’s either Putin disappears, gets attacked or is killed. Russia will want to attack NATO as they will want to create problem. Russia and Ukraine war will not result in a third world war but will trouble the world. There will be total confusion in the world. Ukraine war will bring so many divisions among some countries some people will come together to join Russia in causing troubles but will bring confusion and it will not last.

‘’PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PETITION TRIBUNAL: I foresee that if the Tribunal did not do the needful it will affect the image of the Tribunal members. I foresee that INEC will not be seen any longer as an unbiased umpire as expected. INEC will be seen as a clearing house for all manners of election results. There will be confusion in the government circles because the judgment will be very clear to all. The best option will be either they go for a rerun or another election entirely or they leave it the way it is. The Ruling party will not want a rerun they will seek various lines of defense and it will not hold water as expected.’’

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Keep the peace as elections approach, Bishop of Ibadan Anglican Diocese charges Nigerians



The Bishop of Ibadan Anglican Diocese, Most Rev. Joseph Akinfenwa on Monday urged the Church and Nigerians to keep their peace and not to lose hope at the approach of the 2023 elections.

Akinfenwa gave the advice in his pastoral message to the Church and to country in Ibadan where he noted that the past few weeks had been quite traumatic for most Nigerians.

He blamed the trauma on fuel and cash scarcity.

“In several places nationwide, the frustration has boiled over, and outbreaks of violence have been the consequence.

“As we approach general elections, however, we hereby appeal to all Nigerians to please remain calm in the face of all provocations.

“As a people, we have been through a lot in times past, and we have always proven ourselves to be a very resilient people. Time has come for us to demonstrate that resilience once again.

“Let us encourage one another to eschew violence, to keep the peace, and to resist every machination or manipulation to incite upheaval so that the general elections would not hold.

“In the face of widespread deprivation of cash, let us resort to our native communality and generosity; and at least for these few days let us re-enact Acts 2:44-47 and Acts 4:32,’’ he stated.

Acts 2:44-47 states:

44 And all that believed were together, and had all things common;

45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.

46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.

47 Praising God and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the Church daily such as should be saved.

Acts 4:32 states: All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.

“Let us share with one another out of the little that we have, and ensure that extreme hunger and or frustration does not tip our neighbours over,’’ Akinfenwa added.

He advised that rather than allowing on-going adversity to incite us against one another, Nigerians should bond together in love across ethnic and religious boundaries, focusing on supporting one another to overcome the adversity.

The Ibadan Anglican Bishop recalled periods in Nigeria’s history when agents of evil exploited Nigerians vulnerability to set them against one another, to set back the nation, and to truncate the will of the people.

“Do not let us allow them this time around. As a people, let us unite to say no to provocation and incitement, and to insist on peaceful change and democratic transition according to civilised norms.

“On account of this, let us by all means remain peaceful and law-abiding, while trusting that government shall keep faith with the election timetable.

“When we go to the polls on Feb. 25 and March 11, let us vote according to the dictates of our conscience, and in tandem with our collective desire for a better Nigeria.

“This time, it is extremely imperative that our votes should agree with our hopes. May the Lord grant Nigerians the wisdom and courage to do the right thing this time.

“Once again, we identify with all good people of God in the Church, and with all Nigerians as we go through these trying times. We know that indeed, the pains are much and the burden is heavy.

“However, let us be assured that if we endure and do what is right, this too shall pass; and this painful process shall give birth to a better nation for us all,’’ Akinfenwa stressed.

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