Time hardly heals for Schweinsteiger’s Champions League home loss, 10 years after


It is a decade since Bayern Munich lost in the 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League final match to Chelsea in front of their own fans.

But club legend Bastian Schweinsteiger has now admitted that time has done little to heal the pain of the defeat.

“I have given myself the most criticism,” Schweinsteiger, who missed a penalty kick in the 4-3 shootout defeat which followed a 1-1 draw, said.

“I still have the faces of the fans in front of my eyes today.”

On the morning after the loss Schweinsteiger said he went to a bakery near the Isar river and held his feet in the water. “There was a deathly silence in the city.”

But Schweinsteiger admitted the defeat, in which Bayern Munich dominated the game, “was the basis for 2013 and 2014”.

That was when Bayern Munich won the treble and then Germany took the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“But deep in me I’m still sorry for the missed chance of 2012,” he admitted.