SDGs 2030: LASG launches framework to incorporate school children in actualisation plan


By Moses Adeniyi

Lagos State Government (LASG) has unveiled a roadmap to incorporate school students into the framework for the actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the State.

The roadmap for incorporating the school children into the system took a stepping turn on Wednesday with the launch of the Lagos SDGs Club in Public Schools and the SDGs Secondary School Book on Wednesday.

Speaking on Wednesday at the unveiling ceremony, the Special Adviser to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Investments, Mrs. Solape Hammond, said the development was momentous with excitement in the quest towards   actualisation of the SDGs.

She expressed optimism that the State would be the best in the Country in the operations of SDGs Club in schools, mentioning the development would record plausible actions towards actualisation of the goals.

He said no less than 474 schools have been brought on board to foster the quest of incorporating the school students into the system.

“It’s been tough three years but Lagos has continued to rise, to grow, to live and continued to thrive and I know we would be the best.

“I know we would have the best SDGs Club and I know you are such an inspiration. We are inspired on what we know you are going to do because you are interested, you are committed, you are working together and you are supported in your schools, home and government. And we really need you,” Hammond said.

She applauded the students for the proative disposition to the projects in a period of about four months.

“From the actions you have showed us that you are not waiting until tomorrow, you are leading from right now, you make us proud every single day,” she said to the children.

“It’s a very tough world,” she said, mentioning that when the SDGs goals 2030 were reeled out, global situations were much more mild, but with the rising fundamental global challenges, it only requires commitment of all to actualise the goals.

Hammond emphasised the importance of the book launched by her Office for young people to understand the roadmap and think about actions to actualise the SDGs.

She said it was important for children and young people to understand their own role earlier enough.

According to her, the book is not just learning materials, but actually “has sections for young people to think about their own personal actions, think about an action in the Community, and think about what the Government should be doing and how they can work with the Government.”

According to her, such understanding was key in building a framework for a community of Impact Makers, which she said, the Office is working assiduously to create.

She further said, “It connects them so that they can be a community of young Impact Makers across Lagos State and give them the opportunity to interact with other young people in Schools like themselves, who are working on the SDGs they are particular about, track each other’s project, and encourage each other, so that they can report progress together.

“We believe that in creating this community of change makers, we will be able to transform not just Lagos, but the entire world. So, we are really happy about these materials we are launching here today,” she said.

She appreciated members of the State’s Executive Council for their show of support, applauding teachers for the commitment to the goals, saying their commitment have been reflecting visible rewards.

Speaking, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mrs. Folashade Jaji said the State Government believes in the student to carry on productively the goals of the SDGs as future leaders, stating that the sustainability of the goals demands contributions from all.

She charged the children to be responsive to the goals to ensure the sustainability of development goals.

She lamented the poor attitude of abuse of key issues of sustainability, stating that when a generation displays such poor attitude, the coming generation  bears the brunt.

She charged the students to act responsively to the 17 SDGs they have been exposed to, “so that generations yet unborn can benefit.”

She applauded the initiative, saying it is commendable step to build foundation of good living conditions for generations yet unborn.

Speaking, the State’s Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo, lauded the initiative, saying it is an idea to catch children young to impact in them responsiveness to participate actively on the SDGs.

Head of Service, Lagos State, Hakeem Muri-Okunola, said launching of SDGs Club in schools was laudable, and was borne by the need to achieve the goals of the SDGs by impacting and inculcating the SDGs early in the students.

He said that it was important to keep the SDGs alive by inculcating its understanding for all to be actively involved.

“It involves every aspect of our lives and daily routine, from health, to caring, to giving, and every single aspect of what we should do and not just what the Government should do,” he said.

He congratulated the SDGs and Investments Office, saying the it has displayed “very robust and vibrant” drive in the quest towards actualising the goals.

At the ceremony on Wednesday, schools which made presentation on key project actions were rewarded with cash and tools to further drive interest and boost their action commitment.

Isheri Senior Grammar School, Dristrci 2, emerged 1st position; 2nd Position, Ikotun Senior High School, District 01; third position; New Era Girls Senior Secondary School, Surulere, District 04, emerged third; while Estate Junior Grammar School, District 06, emerged Joint third position.

The winners were rewarded laptops and cash gifts ranging from N50,000 and N25,000.