CPPE expresses concerns over red-tapism for importation of items with concessionary import duty


By Uthman Salami

The Centre for the Promotion of Private Enterprise (CPPE) has raised concerns over red tape involved in getting approvals from the Federal Ministry of Finance for importation of items with concessionary import duty, thereby calling for the “removal of these bottlenecks.”

This concern was contained in a press release signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Muda Yusuf yesterday.

According to the statement, the need for access to fiscal incentives should be stripped of and devoid of any bureaucratic bottlenecks which may slowdown businesses.

“While appreciating the essence of the National list, we would like to propose that access to fiscal incentives should be devoid of bottlenecks and bureaucracy,” the statement said.

The statement further read that, “The experience of importers and the business community with seeking approvals from the Ministries before the fiscal incentives can be enjoyed is often fraught with frustrating bureaucracy, bottlenecks, delays and sometimes extortion.

“We therefore recommend that once the Fiscal Policy document had been approved by government, the Nigeria Customs Service should be left to fully implement these policies without further recourse to the Ministry for additional approvals.

“We believe that the Customs is competent enough to interpret the Fiscal Policy and determine eligibility for fiscal incentives. The idea if seeking approval and exemption certificates from Ministry of Finance or any other Ministry is not consistent with the spirit of the Ease of Doing Business and should therefore be discontinued.”

CPPE, however, commended the government over the removal from export prohibition list of items that were previously imported into the country.