Ahmed Tinubu National Canverssers commence campaign for Tinubu


Olaseinde Gbenga, Abuja

As the 2023 campaigns officially kick-off in conformity with the 2023 Electoral Act, “Ahmed Tinubu Canverssers” with their arrays of supporters and party leaders gathered en masse on Saturday, at El-Ohazak hotels and tower, Gwagwalada, Abuja to start the 2023 electioneering campaigns for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The National Director for “Ahmed Tinubu National Canverssers”, Mallam Yisa Muhammed, in the course of the event said that Asiwaju is a grassrooter, he has been doing fantastically well to deliver Gwagwalada to the rulling party, All Progressives Congress (APC). This is the time to honour him to do more not only for Gwagwalada but for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Nigeria as a whole.

According to him, “Asiwaju’s track record will catapult him to Aso Villa after the general elections. Look at his ideology, he’s a man of purpose and vision, you can’t see him jumping from one political party to another. Among the whole Presidential contestants, I don’t think there’s anyone who has his records. Are we talking about the people he has brought up to political lime light, we have so many governors, ministers, senators he has brought up. A man of such caliber, if you give him another opportunity, he will replicate what he did in Lagos State in terms of the economic challenges we are facing in the country.

He added that the only challenge the group would love to overcome is the “logistics and security” as they Kickstart campaigns for Asiwaju Tinubu.

The National Patron, “Ahmed Tinubu National Canverssers, Alhaji Hon. Usman Yahya, who is a three times Coordinator of Gwagwalada area Council, said Tinubu had supports all over Nigeria.

In his word, “there’s no single political leader today that can beat his chest that he has improved and impacted lives of people more than Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. We have many here that have been actively involved in politics since the time of Action Group, and it is not a magic that from 1979 till date we know those who with the little God gave them, they use it to promote democracy in Nigeria, we know those who use their own to truncate our democracy. What we are doing today is not to seek money or name for Asiwaju, but we see him as a leader who can bring further changes to the political system of Nigeria.

Alhaji Yahya noted that the reason why most political leaders are rooting to ensure that Tinubu becomes the president in 2023 is simply because Asiwaju is sellable and he’s a unifier who understands the political undercurrent of Nigeria.

He urged all members and supporters of the organization to go out there to disseminate and orientate Nigerians who are yet to understand the name Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, his antecedents, as well as his philosophy. You can’t be a true son, from Yoruba land working against the interest of Asiwaju. We believe Asiwaju will be crowned as the President of Nigeria come 2023. But, we won’t sit to count our chickens before they are hatched. We are going out there to tell those in kuje, Abaji, kwali, Amac etc that Asiwaju is the one who can change Nigeria to a state we all have been gunning to have.

In the same vein, “the National women leader, Barr. Isabella Odunayo revealed her satisfaction and happiness towards the successful conduct of the event.

According to her, this event is what we’ve been waiting for. We as Bola Ahmed Tinubu National Canverssers, our objectives and purpose is to canvass votes through out the whole 36 states of the federation for Asiwaju Tinubu, including the FCT, because we know by so doing, it will deliver him as the president of Nigeria come 2023.

In her statement, “we need every hand on deck, and as a matter of fact, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure this, and there’s still lot to be done, because we want every citizen from the nook and cranny of Nigeria to step out in one accord to give support to Asiwaju’s mandate and to deliver him as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.

She further said, “I’m bold to say it openly that Asiwaju will be our next president because I see him as a man with vision, a good man who has the interest of Nigerians at heart. Asiwaju has been doing lots of good deeds even before he disclosed his ambition to vie for the postition of president. This is the kind of leader we need at this present time, someone who can bring us together as a nation because we want to see a united Nigeria by the grace of God, she added.

Also, the National General Secretary, Hon. Abdul Fatai Tajudeen, said the purpose of the event is to promote Asiwaju’s mandate.

He said, “we have so many great people in our support group, starting from our patron, Alhaji Hon. Usman Yahya , who has been sponsoring All Progressives Congress (APC), in Abuja for years. He’s a three time coordinator for Gwagwalada Area Council, a native of Kano, who has a very distinct interest in Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

We need to go to the grass root for our traditional votes. He urged Nigerian youths and the teeming supporters to use Lagos State as a road map and a template by taking a good step in their various wards to disseminate the good message and the need to vote for Asiwaju as the president of Nigeria come 2023.