Zenith Bank to unveil vast sports activities, in 2023


One of the leading financial institutions and corporate backers of sports in Nigeria, Zenith Bank Plc, has unveiled plans to significantly increase sports funding in year 2023.

In fact, numerous sporting events, including National Female Basketball League, Delta Principal’s Cup, and Delta Headmaster’s Cup, have Zenith Bank as a major sponsor.

The bank served as the venue for the U-13 and U-15 Future Eagles competitions at one point and served as the official bank of the Nigeria Football Federation for around five years.

The Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Ebenezer Onyeagwu, has stated that all the major events in the bank’s sports calendar would be staged in the New Year.

Onyeagwu said it is always a pleasure for the organisation to stage sporting events on its calendar in support of Nigerian youths and sports in general.

He added, “We have budgets for all our sporting events every year. COVID-19 was a threat two years ago, but the past few months have seen cases of natural causes (flooding) and federation crises affecting our events.

“On our part, the commitment remains the same, and we are always happy and ready to support sports. This year 2023, we can confirm that our major events—women’s basketball and the Delta Principals’ and Headmasters’ Cup—are coming up.

“We almost staged basketball last year, but time was so short after all was agreed.”

The social club events at Ikoyi Club and Lagos Country Club are expected to be staged as well.