Women’s day: NGO calls on stakeholders to educate more locals


The Director, Mrs Amina Ahmed,  Women Initiative for Sustainable Community Development, a non-governmental organisation, has called on government and stakeholders to push for more women education in the rural areas.

Ahmed said this in an interview  on Wednesday in Jos that more investment should be tailored towards educating rural women and girls to give them equal opportunities

She said that education would give them space in technology and innovation to communicate with the world.

The Director said that women and girls face so many challenges across the globe and education would help to communicate these challenges.

She said the women’s day theme – “Digit All, Digital innovation and technology for gender equality” — focused on creating an enabling environment for women to use their technological  space.

Ahmed said the recent cash policy was an example of technology innovation and could be taken to the locals  through education.

“We are in the  era of technology and the  knowledge must be spread across every every people every where,” said Ahmed.

She said that digital education would enable women to achieve gender equality and also enable them balance their homes and business from the confines of their homes.