Why Ondo Deputy Gov. Aiyedatiwa is being persecuted by the Owo-cabal — Dr Akeredolu O.N


The political persecution is currently targeted against the deputy governor of Ondo State by the so-called Owo-cabal. There is no doubt, H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa is presently on the hot seat in which many people have been speaking for him. Ilaje’s illustrious sons and daughters have come up and charged up the state in protests through various organisations against the ongoing illegality aimed at their golden son. They have written various open letters to challenge the abnormality from a few Owo indigenes who decided to retain the governorship seat at all cost, even at the expense of Aketi’s health, despite they had more than necessary from Aketi’s administration of over six years. These desperadoes don’t care about what happens after their actions, they have thrown political decorum into the air.

It’s only a fool who can still believe that Aketi is a democrat, he’s not at all . Many of us are daily risking our lives to call the attention of the reasonable ones to the legal absurdity that is happening in the state. The salient question is this, who is ruling Ondo State now in the absence of the Governor? We all know it’s not the Deputy Governor as stated by the constitution. Where is Aketi staying now? Definitely, neither Alagbaka’s governor’s house nor his house in Owo. What is the current health status of our Governor? I have been reading all sorts of stupidity, coming out of the few citizens of Ondo State. Some of our present youths on social media are nothing but a disgrace to their generation. These young individuals who are supposed to be clamouring for orderliness and sanity in political space are the ones wasting their data to speak for these selfish leaders.

As I have been saying in my articles, nobody wishes evil for Aketi. However, we must ensure the rule of law prevails. I will forever cherish, retired Justice Mrs Akeredolu, during the trial of former Deputy Governor H.E. Agboola Ajayi, who insisted the right thing must be done. Though she is an Owo woman, in the same town as Aketi, she rejected nepotism and upheld the Constitution of Nigeria. The Governor and his agents came after her, however, she left civil service as a fulfilled human being with a clear conscience towards men and God. At the end of the day, His Excellency Agboola Ajayi was able to finish the first term with Arakunrin despite matching order for his impeachment because this uncommon woman refused to compromise the standard. In all truthfulness, the people perpetrating this evil in the state want to cause political topsy-turvy. There is one fact about Gov. Akeredolu Oluwarotimi SAN, he understands the rules of power and he has been using it against the state. As a self-made political researcher, I have done my studies and realised that most of the people following the Governor complain about him in the corners of their rooms. However, they are not bold enough to do the right thing by telling the truth to his face.

The truth about life is that, if you continue to support injustice, the day you be a victim, no one will speak for you. After the 2012 governorship election, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu who gave Aketi his first political platform and unusually supported him noticed his ungrateful attitude, warned us in Ondo state against Aketi in 2016, people like Abena, Agbo, Alash, Amodeni and others, never saw what their leader noticed, no one listened to Jagaban of Borgu. Today, all the aforementioned individuals had their fingers burnt with political fire by Arakunrin. After the governorship of 2016, everything about Aketi changed, the true nature of the assumed messiah was known, and the political angel suddenly became the worst devil anyone can have as a leader. At this stage, many justified his actions, quoting his background of apolitical as the cause.

However, this apathy for the well-being of others in the state never stopped him from putting everything in care of his family members. Today, Aketi remains the first and only governor in the history of Southwest who appointed his son, Babajide Akeredolu as the special adviser and Director General of the strongest agency under his administration. Also, I have never heard in the history of Nigeria, of a sitting first lady who had to return to her home town with the ambition of representing them in the red chamber, Senate. A lot of political abracadabra in the last six years of his administration and some people, because of selfish goals, choose to look away, none of them is bold enough to give him a good political fight.

There are a lot of great kings in the state, some of them had served Nigeria in their youthful age, shed their blood to keep Nigeria one during the civil, and most of them have shown solidarity and condemned the unreasonable events, doing everything to prevent the illegality, they know full well what is going on and as fathers, giving their best to prevent anarchy. In the last few days, the political image of the Deputy Governor has been unprecedentedly attacked, they accused him of domestic violence and the latest is a certificate scandal, aiming at bringing him down by all possible means. He has been with this government as the second in command for more than 2 years. We all saw him as being too gentle and never had any occasion to challenge his boss. He suddenly became a bad man when they failed to follow the constitution and right-thinking individuals are asking the Mr Governor to hand over power to him because of Aketi’s failing health status.

Other big politicians in the state ordinarily don’t believe in Arakunrin’s microscopic views. So far, the majority of them are supporting him(Aiyedatiwa ) while a very few refused to talk because they have interests, either as governorship aspirants or supporting different aspirants for Ondo State 2024. They believe if H.E. lucky Aiyedatiwa becomes the acting governor now, he will be at an advantage which they don’t want. If men were God, Aketi wouldn’t become the Governor of Ondo State. In the same manner, Aketi can’t be God over H.E. lucky Aiyedatiwa’s destiny. If God has destined him to act for Aketi, let all the indigenes of the state hate, he shall get there, the earlier we realise that power belongs to God and He gives it to anyone he likes, the better for all of us.

There are ongoing evil plans to implicate  him and he will be subsequently impeached, however, they will fail.Though Ilaje people have done great for their son at a crucial period like this, all the major politicians have thrown their support behind him, Ondo State’s great kings have done excellently well too, H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s future depends on God and destiny. If he has been ordained for the position, whether Aketi likes and follows the constitution or chooses otherwise, the will of God shall prevail.

*Dr Akeredolu O.N, Leader Aketi Medical Team, 2016, Vice Chairman, Aketi-Ayedatiwa Medical Committee, 2020.