Rest in Christ Gospel Ministry members gather to clear vegetation


The General Overseer of Rest in Christ Gospel Ministry and members have successfully cleared a piece of land in the Community.

The church made the call to its members to clear the land to avoid security threats.

Dr. Pro A.J Wasinuola, a.k.a Baba Ifokanbale, noticed that the land had become a haven of snakes, but decided to take action, before it became a threat to young and old people in the environment, creating inconveniences.

To God be the Glory, the entire members of Rest in Christ Gospel Ministry gathered on the 25th of September, 2021 to clear the land.

The Prophet admonishing participants said, “You can also assist your community in one way or the other, that everything should not be left alone for the Local Government Chairman.

“You should always commit yourself to community development service, and as well assist the government to promote the country as a good citizen.

“For instance, in Surulere CDA, Kajola, Ifo, Ogun State the transformer was bought by the members of the community. A lot more was done to assist the government, by sharing food to the less privileged in the community during COVID-19 pandemic, grading of roads and many more.

“The Bible says pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 112:6) and I quote, ‘pray and work for the peace of your community or Nation and everything will go well,’” he said.

Dr. Pro A.J Wasinuola (A.K.A Baba Ifokanbale) is the  General Overseer/Founder Rest in Christ Gospel Ministry Peace of Mind City.