Okike Media ready with movie on united Nigeria


The Coal City Film Festival organiser, Okike Media, said its new movie on ‘One Voice’ was composed to promote unity and love among the nation’s multi-ethnic nationalities.

Okike Media is a Film Production, Media and Communication Company with penchant for creating solutions through the art of storytelling.

Speaking in a telephone interview on Thursday in Enugu, the Founder and Executive Director of the outfit, Uche Agbo, said the movie would help to unify Nigerians from different religious and ethnic backgrounds through musical drama.

“Given the clamour for ethnic separation among the various peoplesnof Nigeria, we want to use this movie to unite people through music and dance.

“This is why we are using the entire six political zones as shooting stage.

“We want to tell Nigerians that we are brothers and sisters. So, the story is not only for entertainment but unification of the country.

“It is also to let Nigerians to know that it will be louder when we speak with one voice,” Agbo said.

He said that the movie would be shot in five locations, including London, Lagos, Enugu, Kaduna and Abuja.

“We are at the preproduction stage now and the audition will take place in four locations.

“The film will stream in various platforms such as cinema, television stations, YouTube and others.

“This will be our first film in 2021,” Agbo said.