NGX reports gain of equities market to 0.51 per cent


By Philemon Adedeji

Transaction on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) opened the week marginally on a positive note amidst sell-offs and buy-interests as the benchmark All Shares Index shows significant appreciation by 236.49 basis points.

The market price was driven by price appreciation in large and medium capitalised stocks amongst are GTCO, Zenith Bank, Nahco, Meyer, Royalex and others.

From the data released by NGX, All Shares Index inched by 236.49 basis points to represent 0.51 per cent to close at 46,867.95 Index points from 46,631.46 Index points it closed for last trading.

Consequently, overall market capitalisation largely increased by 127 billion to close trade at N25.266 trillions.

The total trade volume rose by 46 per cent from 154,122,964 million units it closed the week on Friday to 224,643,990 million units it closed yesterday valued by N3.823 billion which exchange in 5,946 deals.

On the price movement chart, Nahco emerged yesterday as the best trader which appreciated by 0.50 kobo representing 10.00 per cent increased to close trade at N5.50 per share, UACN followed with an increased of 9.90 per cent or 1.00 kobo increase to close trade at N11.10 per share.

Meyer recorded as the third best gainer which grew by 0.11 kobo representing 9.73 per cent increased to close at N1.24 per share. While Royalex rose by 9.47 per cent or 0.09 kobo increase to close trade at N1. 04 per share and LEARNAFRICA recorded as the best fifth gainer grew by 0.16 kobo representing 9.25 per cent increased to close trade at N1.89 per share.

On the price losers chart, Academy was recorded as the biggest loser which dipped by 0.17 kobo representing 9.60 per cent to close at N1.60 per share. This was accompanied by MBENEFIT and Japaulgold which went down by 0.02 kobo representing 7.69 per cent and 5.88 per cent to close trade at N0.24 and N0.32 per share respectively.

Multiverse recorded as the fourth biggest loser depreciated by 4.55 per cent or 0.01 kobo to close trade at N0.21 per share; and Prestige which recorded as the fifth biggest loser declined by 0.02 kobo to represent 4.44 per cent to close trade at N0.43 per share.

As the week opened yesterday, Guaranty Trust Holding Company (GTCO) came as the highest traded stock which transacted 43.245 million shares worth N994.249million. Followed by Zenith Bank which traded 31.124 million shares valued at N740.242 million. While Sterling bank which recorded as the third best traded stock transacted 23.423 million shares worth N35.117 million.

Fidelity Bank traded 13.835 million shares valued at N51.184 million and lastly, on the table chart ACCESSCORP transacted 12.379 million shares worth N124.736 million.