Naija Boss Factor woos Nigerians with N11.5m Mikano car prize donation


An N11.5million, EMGRAND 7 car has been donated, to the Naija Boss Factor, to spur participants, specially, Nigerians desirous of life transformation.

The Group General Manager, Marketing, Karima Okunola, Mikano motors Nigeria said donation of the car for the first prize was part of its Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), in Nigeria, while it sought to inspire a variety of talents replete in the country as they slug it out in a contest of talents, promoting the country in all ramifications.

Okunola, said the car meets all the requirements the winner looks up to in a car as it boasts of the best of engine and body quality owned by Mercedes Benz and Volvo brands locally assembled at the Milano plant in Nigeria.

The EMGRAND 7 car, as it is called was assembled in Nigeria and reflects the treasures hidden in many Nigerian talents as it’s the boast of the best features a modern car.

The talent hunt show has been targeted at Nigerians of all talents in all aspects of life, from academia to vocational abilities and the arts that distinguished the talent from others.

According to the CEO, Boss FM, 95.5 Abuja, Kambili Osadolor-Ehima, who spoke to the media at the handing over ceremony in Abuja, said applicants must rule out themselves, by being western, in their show of talents as the programme is designed to reflect the best of the length and breadth of Nigeria.

She explained that the talent hunt was mainly designed to bring out the diversity of the country and its hidden beauty as various people would showcase their innate abilities in their chosen art and or craft.

She noted that the event will impact the Nigeria entertainment industry and economy positively, “If we have this talent hunt in various regions in the Country, I don’t think we will have people who don’t have what to do.

“We are calling on every Nigerian, whatever talent you have, bring it up. There will be regional audition in Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt and Abuja.”

Naija Boss Factor is that platform that amalgamates talents from the 36 states of the federation including the FCT on one stage. It gives credence to indigenous talents of all ages in the areas of music, dance, acrobatics, fashion, technology, cinematography, puppetry, choreography, comedy and so on.

The organiser, said registration with a token of N5,500 for the talent hunt is ongoing, ends on 30th September and its grand finale has been slated for 3rd December 2021 in Abuja.