LASG, other States to convene on national policy for technology driven transport system


By Moses Adeniyi.

Lagos State Government has concluded plans with the Governments and other stakeholders of all States in the Federation to herald a conference to coordinate intelligence on technological integration to address the challenges of transportation in the Federation.

The stakeholders on the platform of the National Transport Technology Conference and Exhibition, (NTTCE), organised by the Nigeria Transport Commissioners Forum under the support of the Federal Ministry of Transportation seek to feature transport technology and investment opportunities in line with world best practices.

In a briefing on the plan of the Lagos State Government to host the maiden edition of NTTCE, scheduled to hold between 7th and 8th June, 2022, the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, disclosed that “key decision makers, experts and operators in the road, rail, water and air transport sectors will be in attendance to discuss the current and emerging trends in the smart transportation infrastructure as well as fashion out ways of integrating them into the Nigerian transportation space.”

“Discussions geared towards improving efficiency and sustainability of transport technology solutions in Nigeria for proper implementation and development with other tropical issues will be clearly highlighted at the conference.

“Search light will be beamed on the road transportation sector which is perceived to have been ignored, solutions will be proffered to issues faced daily by the operators and users alike,” he added.

According to him, it was significant to critically address challenges of the sector which he highlighted “to include, but not limited to traffic congestion, road accident, parking problems and environmental pollution in the Country.”

It was gathered that the conference themed “Multimodality and Accessibility – achieving a greener transport system in Nigeria” would accommodate the coming together of all Commissioners for Transport nationwide as an avenue for seamless implementation for resolutions reached at the conference.

Stakeholders as leading manufacturers and provider of transport technology solutions would be accommodated for showcasing latest and future-proved transport technology solutions at the transport fair which is first of its kind.

According to the Lagos Commissioner, using technology to boost effectiveness and efficiency of transportation system was important to overcome the hurdles of transportation in the Country.

He mentioned that it was important to have a national policy which all state governments can key into with coordination and harmony for an effective transport system.

He mentioned that such integrations using technology as the ticketing integration with electronic cards for payment system; timing integration for timetable efficiency; Land use integration with transport stations within close range in every city; Public transport information system for multiple options within the design of the multimodal transport system, were under implementation processes in Lagos.

“It’s doable and we are working towards that. It is achievable. It’s going to be done,” he said.

On sanitation of the transport system, he said: “We are working with every single stakeholder including the union. Over time, the union operating unregulated form of transport would be regulated in such a way that we are able to control the kind of technology they use.”

He mentioned that the curbing of corruption in the transport system would block leakages by moving away from cash exchange and transactions to a cashless system.

According to him, Lagos State in a bid to facilitate the zero emission transport system has begun moves to launch Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered transport system with a 10 BRT pilot scheme running on CNG before an elaborate extension to all BRT buses.

The Commissioner disclosed the government upon the actualisation of the CNG powered vehicle system wouId begin the implementation of the transition roadmap unto electric powered vehicles and train system.

He disclosed that the State is moving away from the time “where, you have 12, 14, to 70 sitters buses so that we can take more smaller vehicles off the road and ensure that more efficient vehicles stay on the road.”

Representing the National Transport Technology Conference and Exhibition, (NTTCE), comprising all commissioners of transportation in the Federation, the Executive Secretary, Chinwe Uwaegbute, said technology has been identified by the forum as the roadmap to ensuring safety, security and revenue generation in the transportation sector.

She said Lagos has been acknowledged to set the pace for development in the transportation sector in the Federation.

According to her, the integration would among others, improve investment in the sector while boosting revenue generation and efficiency.

She mentioned the resolutions from the conference would herald an action plan which the Federal Government can draw policy from to enhance transportation in the Country.