Godfatherism, bane of Nigeria’s political progress — Olatunbosun


By Jeleel Olawale

A chieftain of the Labour Party, Mr. Yinka Olatunbosun has described godfatherism as bane of democracy in Nigeria, saying the situation has been affecting democratic process in the Country.

Fielding questions from journalists, he said godfathers do not allow political office holders to deliver on their mandate to the people.

“Godfatherism is the bane of our political progress. They place mediocrity above competency and quality. The political practitioners are always looking for who they could easily manipulate and control in office,” he said.

Olatunbosun, who is the candidate of LP for the Osun State House of Assembly for Ife East State Constituency, added that the godfathers want political stooges that they could be controlling, stressing that, that is why people like him do not get tickets to run in bigger parties.

“So, godfathers give direction and that is why we find ourselves where we are now. The core politicians dictate the pace, they hate independent minded persons,” he said.

He noted that there is no godfatherism in Labour Party.

“I was in APC for nine years and left June, 2022. The reason is that I felt if I remain in APC I would not be able to realise my ambition. I don’t seem to have political future in the party.

“They are not people who are progressive minded. They don’t care about upcoming politicians like me who have good intentions. I think that I was not in the right party, so I have to move to LP. I think this is where I can serve the people.

“I contested for both House of Assembly and chairmanship positions. There is imposition of candidates on people by godfathers and whatever they say is the final. They don’t give aspirants a level playing ground. They will collect nomination form fees without refund.

“LP is a party to beat in this election, the future of LP is bright. The way the LP is growing is alarming. They never envisaged that LP will be like this. The structure of LP is the people. There is no difference between PDP and APC now.

“Nigerians will not want such parties to return to power. PDP had ruled Nigeria and nothing to show for it and that of APC. The two big parties have failed Nigerians. LP is a credible alternative party and let us see what it will offer.

“The antecedent of LP presidential candidate is second to none. We need somebody who is young, dynamic, and energetic. We need someone who can fix Nigeria. He is experienced because he had once governed Anambra State and his track records cannot be surpassed.

“Nigerians cannot continue to fold their hands and suffer. They should decide their future themselves. The PDP and APC have failed Nigerians and there is need for Nigerians to decide their future.

“We need right leadership. LP represents hope for the country. The solution is for Nigerians to get it right as the election approaches. We must not miss it because if we do, we will continue the suffering for another eight years. Nigeria needs LP to come out of the mess we are in,” Olatunbosun added

Olatunbosun averred that the election will be credible, free and fair and the reason is that the introduction of Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) has made it difficult to rig “because the era of ballot snatching and rigging is over”, adding that the vote of the people will count now.

He said, “I will not be easy to manipulate because votes will be transmitted electronically. So, I have confidence in INEC.

“I have five-points agenda which includes improving living standard of the people through various empowerment programmes, job opportunities for youths and provision of productive legislative projects. Education will be given priority.”

He called on people to collect their Permanent Voter’s Card and vote for credible candidates, urging them not to sell their votes.