Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram crash in major outage


By Idris Bakare

All sites have been down for around 45 minutes now, with WhatsApp and Instagram issuing statements telling users to “bear with us”.

Shares in Facebook are continuing to slump as its suffers outrages and accusations that it prioritises “profit over safety”.

The stock has dropped 5.7pc to $324, its lowest level since May.

A Facebook spokesman says: “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

It’s not been a good day for the social media giant. The outages come after a Facebook whistleblower accused the social media giant over the weekend of putting “profit over safety” of its users.

“There were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook,” Frances Haugen told the news program “60 Minutes” on Sunday evening.

“Facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interests like making more money.”