Euro 2020: Charter plane plan scrapped for Czech fans heading to Baku


Plans have been scrapped to use a charter plane to take Czech Republic fans to the Euro 2020 quarter-final match against Denmark in Baku on Saturday.

Not enough seriously interested parties had been found, the national team’s fan club said on Thursday.

Besides the high costs, the coronavirus restrictions probably also had an impact.

Before entering Azerbaijan and before the return flight, unvaccinated fans need a negative PCR test.

After returning to the Czech Republic, quarantine is mandatory.

Baku is just under 3,000 kilometres from Prague as the crow flies.

International airlines do not offer direct flights between the two capitals.

Czech player Michal Sadilek criticised the venue.

“I think I speak for all players when I say that it’s unfortunate that a Euros quarter-final between the Czech Republic and Denmark will take place in an Asian country,” he said.

Azerbaijan is part of European governing body UEFA.