DJ Kaarma: I will be the first Nigerian DJ to win Grammy


DJ Kaarma, one of the fast-rising disc jockeys, said he is working towards his dream to become the first Nigerian DJ to win a Grammy award.

DJ Kaarma, with the real name Samuel Okanu, stated this while speaking with newsmen on Monday evening.

Okanu, who holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Rivers State University in Port Harcourt, also revealed why he chose the name “DJ Kaarma”.

Your name is unique, how did you come across the name DJ Kaarma?

He said: “The word “karma” to me gives life a perfect definition especially since we all have expectations and depend on each other somehow to survive and attain success, so I coined my name out of my many life experiences with people so it serves as a constant reminder for me to never deliberately hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it from me.”

What made you decide that of all jobs in the world, I want to be a DJ?

Well, besides being a rapper and songwriter, I’m an accountant, a communicator or orator by heart and a music lover in general, so I decided the world has to see what goes on in my head when a beautiful song is made by any artist from anywhere in the world, I could’ve been a painter too cause I’ve been in the creative industry background for quite a while.

What was your family’s reaction to your choice of career?

I come from a family where I was the only child till I was almost an adult so, no, my parents were never in support, my dad especially was more concerned about how family friends and colleagues would react to his son being a DJ in the world where everyone is working on becoming doctors and engineers, lawyers etc, funny but heartbreaking yet I thrived to get here doing what I love, now I’m an OAP and DJ for one of the most listened radio stations in Port Harcourt and I wouldn’t mind leaving this part of the world to elsewhere whenever I’m called to serve.

Recently one of your works has surpassed 500,000 million streams, were you expecting it and how did you put together such good work?

To be honest, I never expected it even though I’ve been putting out so many contents, first reason I even had that account was for storage purpose since my hard drive was running out of storage space so I needed to delete some old works and get some new ones done, so I was inspired to do a fresh mixtape with Davido, Omah Lay, Burna Boy and Wizkid in front which I hurriedly did and uploaded for safekeeping, as usual, I just woke one morning, turned on my phone data and notifications were popping up all-day, I checked it out and it was the mixtape I recently did and ever since, I’ve decided to never stop, y’all need to check it out on

My work is now being appreciated in over 78 countries. It’s a dream come true.

If you have the power to change one thing in the creative industry, what will it be?

Answer: I believe there should be a certain level of unity and sanity amongst celebrities and fans, more importantly, we as creatives should be looked up to for positive motivation for the growing ones to make great our nation in every way possible or thinkable.

So the year 2021 is still very much active, what should we expect from DJ Kaarma?

Just like the DJ Khaled, Neptune, and DJ Drama, I’ll be putting in more projects and of course, I’ll be working on an EP soon so please anticipate my coming, keep an open mind and you’re definitely gonna enjoy having me on your playlist.

I’m also working every day to achieve my dream of becoming the first Nigerian DJ to win a Grammy Award. So am not stopping.

Finally, as a youth, what advice do you have for other Nigerian youths striving to achieve greatness?

Stay blessed, be focused, have positivity in whatever you do and wherever you find yourself, and goodness Will surely come to you