Dangote supports FG’s Industrialization and Entrepreneurship Initiatives


National sales Director for Dangote Cement Plc, Adeyemi Fajobi has expressed his companies’ unflinching and relentless supports towards the realization of the Nigerian governments, at both state and federal level, of transcending the country into an industrialized and entrepreneurial hub in the world, yesterday, at the Ogun state Capital.

This was revealed at the ongoing of Gateway International Trade Fair which took place at the Ogun state capital, Abeokuta. According to him, Dangote PLC has continued “to support OGUNCIMA, to support the state and the federal government’s drive for industrialization and entrepreneurship across the states of the federation.”

He added that supporting OGUNCIMA is a further credo of Dangote’s efforts in spurring entrepreneurs in the country to excel in their chosen businesses. He further stated that the Fair not only allowed the company to exude their supports for Federal and state government industrialization and entrepreneurial Initiative, but also afforded them the opportunity to unveil their new products, and these products can be assessed by their teeming customers across the country.

Also, he revealed that the 10th Gateway Trade Fair organized by OGUNCIMA has provided Dangote PLC the platform to reinstate Dangote’s commitments and show “show our innovations, and our strategies, what we have done, what we are doing, and what we are yet to do for the state, for the country, and Africa as a whole.”

He disclosed that “doing business in Ogun State has always been easy for Dangote because they have always taking us seriously. And whatever we set out to do, we do it. We don’t come to Ogun State and raise hopes, only to dash it. We follow through our words and our actions speak louder than our voice.”

At the event he explained that the cement plant at Ibese in the state is the biggest in the country and only second to one in Africa “as you can see in Ogun State we have the second largest cement plant in Africa and we are also doing so many other things in Ogun State and we will continue to do more for Ogun state and indigenes of Nigeria as a whole.”

He further disclosed the new agricultural innovation by Dangote PLC invented to assist farmers in the country with efficient fertilizer “to grow more and to increase the profits in their pockets.” According to him, the latest fertilizer will make farmers in the country to experience “high yields once they use Dangote’s fertilizer from now on.”

In the same vein, the president of OGUNCIMA, Alhaji Wasiu Olatunde Olaleye, on his part, explained that the 10th international Trade Fair was meant to void the existing gap between Micro Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) and conglomerate companies such as Dangote, as well as encouraging the trust of Nigerian consumers in patronizing locally made products. He opined that the 10th Gateway International Trade fair is to “encourage our people to key in into made in Nigerian products like Dangote’s Products, to keep value chain, and create wealth for our people.”

He further revealed that Dangote’s support of this year Gateway international Trade Fair has opened the window of interactivity between multinational industries such as Dangote and their teeming customers all over the world. He asserted that Ogun State is number one in concentration of industries, not second. You may say we are the second largest economy in Nigeria, I can agree with that. But we have the highest concentration of industries in ogun state, go to Agbara, go to Ota, you will know what I’m talking about.”

In area of participation of industries in the International Trade Fair, he concluded that the turnouts was massive and that the Fair was not without the state government’s support as the Governor of Ogun State, Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun had promised OGUNCIMA the auditorium would be completed and ready to host the next Gateway International Trade Fair.

He added “that Dangote Group of companies used to be our major sponsors at Gateway International Trade Fair. And not only that they will support us, they will even participate.”

He believed this show of support and participation has made Dangote Group of companies a model to emulate by all and sundry in the country. He elaborated that hosting the International Trade Fair without the supports and participation of Dangote Group would rather not augur well for the Fair.

According to him, the last year proposed Fair did not take place owing to the COVID-19 emergent in the world. He further made known that all COVID-19 protocol were duly observed at the Fair. He added that there was a low turnout of participants at the Lagos Trade Fair due to this Virus and that is why OGUNCIMA had put everything in place in full compliance of protocols against COVID-19.


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