COVID-19: Health system, workers under incredible strain in Nigeria- FMC MD


The health system and health workers in Nigeria are under incredible strain, as more and more very ill patient are now presenting themselves to the hospitals.

Dr Adedamola Dada, the Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Ebute Meta, Lagos, made the assertion in Lagos on Wednesday,.

He spoke while commenting on the raging second wave of COVID- 19 pandemic in the country.

According to him, we very urgently need to help the health workers  cope better by reducing the number of infections and therefore patients they see.

“We need to help the system. This will only happen when we all obey the COVID guidelines and collectively work to reduce the number of infections.

“The vaccines will soon be here and the government is working hard to bring those vaccines into our country as soon as possible.

“However,  it’s only those who are alive that would benefit from it. Please, obey the COVID guidelines and stay alive. The country need you, and your family also need you,” Dada said in a statement.

He said we could begin to turn the tide “in spite of the very tough times we face currently in the country with this condition, only if we all start following the guidelines today.

“If we dont, then the situation would get worse and very unfortunately, we may loose more of our loved ones! We all must work to prevent this.

“We, also must not give in to panic. Let’s just all simply follow the guidelines and our country would turn this around.

“We turned it around working together during the first wave, and if we work together again, we will turn the second wave around.

“But, you must do your part and follow those simple guidelines, especially the wearing of face masks and avoidance of any gathering whatsoever,” he advised.

The medical director said in the last few weeks, the second wave of COVID creeped on us again in the country.

“It appears we are dealing now with a more transmittable and even, more deadly disease.

“Several of our compatriots, including health workers have succumbed to this deadly disease,” he said.

Dada, however, cautioned the public against late presentation in the hospital, saying that presenting early to the hospital could help save the life of individual exposed or feeling unwell.

He advised people to desist from taking concoctions or supplement believed to cure or prevent the virus, adding that COVID-19 was not a diseases for the rich alone.

“Steam inhalation, aboliki and methyl salicylates application are not treatments for COVID infection and they are also not preventive.

“Eating garlic, turmeric or all such things do not prevent or treat the conditions, you have a far better chance of beating the virus when you present early, and therefore, treatment is instituted very early.

“It’s also not just a disease of the rich as some erroneously believe, it is a disease that affect every one including the rich, poor, old and young,” Dada said.

According to him, all hands must be on deck to overcome the second wave of the pandemic.