Buhari bids Burkina Faso envoy, Gregoire N’do farewell after eight years in Nigeria


President Muhammadu Buhari has bid the Ambassador of Burkina Faso to Nigeria, Piabie Firmin Gregoire N’do, farewell having completed his tour of duty spanning eight years.

The envoy, Gregoire N’do, got the presidential compliment when he paid a visit to the Nigerian President, to inform him that he had come to the end of his official duty tour in Nigeria.

Advising him, Buhari said leaders should hold it a burden of duty to do the best for their people, irrespective of shrinking resources.

He particularly drew attention to leaders within the West African sub-region.

The President gave the admonition on Friday, shortly before attending the Jumat prayers.

“Leaders should do the best for their people within the limits of resources,” President Buhari affirmed, adding that he hoped the outgoing Ambassador would use experiences garnered in the field “for decision making in his country when he gets back.”

Ambassador N’do, in a remark, said his country would remain indebted to Nigeria, especially for good diplomacy exhibited by President Buhari.

He acknowledged that owing to cordial diplomatic ties, Nigerians are leading many international organizations.

He said at different times Nigeria came to the rescue of Burkina Faso during the flooding crisis, their national elections, among many other critical situations.

On a lighter note, the outgoing Envoy confessed that while enjoying his stay in Nigeria, he had his last daughter here, hence holds very pleasant memories of the country, to which Buhari jocularly asked if he gave his daughter Nigerian names.

Recall that the West African country, which could be classified as a third world nation, is also highly burdened by income disparity between its rural and urban dwellers, including widespread youth unemployment, food insecurity, unsustainable energy supply, among many other challenges bedeviling it till date.