Buhari applauds, re-appoints Idris Musa as NOSDRA DG


President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved again the renewal of the appointment of Mr. Idris Musa, as the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) for a second and final term of four years.

Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi confirmed in a statement obtained by journalists that the renewal of the appointment of the NOSDRA DG takes effect from April 1, 2023.

It was learnt that Mr. Musa was first appointed on April, 1, 2019, for an initial period of four years.

The Minister’s statement revealed that Musa’s appointment for a second term was based on the significant achievements recorded by the Agency in almost four years, under his leadership.

Abdullahi said, “Prominent among the leadership qualities of the NOSDRA’s DG, were the digitalisation of the Agency’s records, review of the various forms for oil spill management process, review of the environmental sensitivity index map for use in the oil producing areas, as a means to protect the vulnerable and sensitive fragile ecosystem of the Niger Delta Region.

“He also carried out many awareness campaigns on the dangers associated with the vandalism of oil industry facilities. He also revolutionised online and real-time processing of environmental compliance documents and management.

“The DG has deployed the National Gas Flare Tracker in addition to Oil Spill Monitor to showcase transparency in environmental management in the Oil & Gas Industry.”

The Minister however noted that NOSDRA has commenced the preparation for the tracking of methane in the oil-producing areas in Nigeria.

NOSDRA is an agency under the Federal Ministry of Environment responsible for the implementation of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP) which also incorporates the National Oil Spill Contingency System (NOSCS) for Nigeria, in compliance with the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation (OPRC 1990), to which the country is a signatory.

The agency was established by an Act of the parliament, Act No. 15 of October 18, 2006. The National Oil Spill Contingency System (NOSCS) is a harmonisation of all relevant regulations, organisations, personnel, procedures, facilities, equipment, logistical support to respond to a spill, reduce the negative impact and manage all related issues.