Annie’s action not cool: Nigerian musician, Tu face speaks on marriage crisis


Tu face, a top Nigerian musician, has begged the public to stay out of his marriage.

The singer noted that his wife, Annie, bringing personal issues to social media “was not cool’ but he won’t sit back and watch things fall apart

“I admit that bringing our personal issues to social media was not cool but I will not sit back and watch everyone have a free for all battle in the name of love and solidarity,” Tu Face noted on Wednesday.

“None of us is perfect. I will like to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness and the public to please respect our privacy and our kids.”

“Let us deal with our issues internally. I take God beg una.

Tu Face message came 5 days after Annie called him out on social media.

Annie accused him of sleeping under the same roof with one of his Baby Mamas, Pero in the U.S.

She also accused Tu Face’s brother, Hyacinth Idibia, of housing the singer, his kids, and Pero under the same roof.

She claimed the Idibia family never loved her from the beginning no matter how hard she tried.