Airtel showcases ease of home broadband connectivity in commercial


By Ibiyemi Mathew

Telecommunications giant, Airtel Nigeria has kicked off a Television commercial to showcase the benefits of its Home Broadband connectivity.

The commercial is set to feature popular Nollywood actor, Eyinna Nwigwe, who plays the character of a young man navigating through his daily remote work routine and how he manages to maintain a balance between his work and personal life, staying effortlessly connected with his business associates and loved ones across the globe.

Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Oshinlaja, while commenting on the benefits of the Airtel BroadBand, said, “The high-speed internet and reliable connection of the Airtel Home Broadband makes it the preferred choice for those who require a reliable connection and access to data.

“This offers users the ease and speed to access websites, stream videos, and download files. Moreover, the network’s reliable connection ensures that users experience fewer disruptions in their online activities. As such, this makes it the go-to option for those who need a dependable connection to get their work done or stay connected with friends and family.”

The Airtel Home Broadband offers a Basic package, with unlimited internet and up to 40Mbps download speed; the Standard package, with 100Mbps download speed; the Entertainment package with=200Mbps download speed, the Professional package with200Mbps download speed; and the Infinity package which offers up to 1GBps download speed. All these packages, according to Airtel Nigeria officials, offer unlimited internet access.