AdamStart founder hits back at unauthorised attempts to use his name

Adam Bradford, Queens young leader and founder AdamStart

Founder of international non-profit organisation AdamStart, Adam Bradford, has rebuffed attempts at using his name to collect funds in Nigeria.

Adam Bradford, 28, one of the Queen’s Young Leaders, and founder of AdamStart which is an international organisation which supports young entrepreneurs, has hit out at fraudulent attempts to damage the company’s work.

According to lawyers representing the high profile entrepreneur, his name has been used to collect money across the country in fraudulent attempts to deceive unwitting young people in the man’s name. Adam rose to prominence in Nigeria after his support of #EndSARS protests whereby his foundation supported young people on their advocacy efforts.

Lawyers from HBD representing Adam commented as Mr Bradford was not immediately available to comment:“We are aware of individuals using our client’s name to extort money from individuals. Our client does not collect money for the participation in their charitable or personal programmes. We will expend the full extent of the law to stop these criminals from profiting from our client’s good name and reputation without any hesitation and will sanction full legal action immediately against the perpetrator acting in our client’s good name.”