5 Online Shopping Hacks to Save Money


Despite fluctuations in exchange rates and rising prices, today you can shop online with great benefits. Online stores literally give their customers all sorts of bonuses and gifts. But in order not to get lost in all these wilds of discounts and promotions, follow simple tips that will help you not to miscalculate and really save on purchases.

  1. Low Price Detectives

If you suddenly want to buy a blue jumper or an instant pot, “like in that very advertisement,” do not rush to make a purchase in the first online store that comes across. The best offer will help you find special search shopping services, for instance, TheFind. For example, you can find offers of the same multicooker model at absolutely different prices — there are several dozens of offers from different stores. Savings — up to 30%.

  1. Bounty Auctions

Flea markets are not only on the French streets. On the internet, it is also customary to bargain and fight for a discount. For this, there are special online auctions where you can find a lot of things for just a penny and a little more. The beauty of auctions is that here, under each exposed lot, you can write the price for which you agree to buy the item. The only disadvantage of auctions is that there are many such hunters for a low price, and everyone is in a hurry to beat the price. The way out is to track rates manually or install a special sniper program that will beat the previous rate a couple of seconds before the end of the auction.

  1. Create a Separate Mailbox

If you don’t do this, then get ready for the whole bunches of daily “buy”, “save” and “get” emails. As stated by Forextime, often, online stores send excellent offers and warn about the impending sale. It will be easier to plan your purchases in a separate mailbox. You can, of course, just create a folder in the mailbox, name it “Online stores” and all letters will automatically go there. Nevertheless, it is much more convenient to have a separate mailbox for such promotional mailings.

  1. Choose the Right Time for Shopping

Black Friday gives a start for the Christmas sales. On this day, discounts in Nigeria reach 80%, and people line up in stores in the evening. This way, you can save some money for investing in Forex trading. Learn how to make money with forex trading for beginners and start making your first passive profit.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. On this day, the price drop occurs in online stores: having come to work, people continue to buy more gifts. There are certain rules for shopping on Cyber Monday.

Closed sale — short-term promotions of online stores for registered users, during which discounts up to 90% are announced. Motives: the desire to sell unclaimed goods and PR.

Besides, online stores often time sales around the holidays. For instance, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States. On this day, clothing stores offer big discounts. Asian sellers cut prices on the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year, which falls between January 21 and February 21).

  1. Choose the Goods Right

Having decided on the store, register or log in through social networks. If you use a pseudonym on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to edit your profile: you will have to show your ID when receiving the package.

Also, you can use filters to make your search easier. Typically, products are sorted by price, size, colour, and other parameters.

Use apps for online shopping. They will help not only to find the right thing but also save money when buying and track delivery.

Always carefully read the product description:

  • material,
  • features,
  • dimensions,
  • weight, and so on.

The item in the photo may be visually different from the one in life! The pictures for the catalogue are taken by professionals: good light, in which colours seem vibrant, super close-up, in which it is hard to assess the real scale, etc.

Be especially careful with clothing. To avoid misses, be honest with yourself and don’t buy things of the size that don’t fit you. Sizes can differ not only from country to country but also from brand to brand. So, be sure to use the size charts. All major online stores have them. Keep tailor’s tape handy. It will help you determine your size correctly. Finally, read the comments of other users. Do they write that the thing “runs small”? Take a size up.