Tinubu, Governors-elect must put people first in hiring cabinet members


Nigeria’s general elections have been concluded with Bola Ahmed Tinubu emergence as the president-elect and 26 Governors-elect across states; the focus should now be shifted to effective Governance.

Though the gubernatorial elections in Kebbi and Adamawa stand inconclusive according to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the country must progress.

The essence of a periodic election is to recruit leaders with a penchant for excellence — Tinubu at the centre, governors at the sub-nationals, each are vital to the overall progress of Africa’s most populous Nation.

International observers, groups and onlookers have not hidden their reactions to the 25th February Presidential and National Assembly elections at the same time, the 18 March Governorship and House of Assembly elections which had led to the installation of the new crop of leaders, however their praises or condemnations, the polls have been won and lost.

Yes, there were victims owing to some violence during the polls, voter suppression in some quarters, malfunctioning of the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System and other challenges we must all have to weep our tears and forge ahead.

In the spirit of progress, forward-looking that Nigerian NewsDirect writes in this editorial that Tinubu and all the governors-elect must put the interest of Nigerians first in appointments of cabinet members.

The cabinet is made up of Ministers and Commissioners of competence and character.

Talking about empathy, Governor Godwin Emefiele of the Central Bank of Nigeria has exemplified why this is important.

Nigerians have suffered the hardship of the naira crunch for two months without any pragmatic solution from the apex bank.

Emefiele watched unhinged as Nigerians experienced hardship. He recently apologised to Nigerians over the pains of e-transactions failure and naira scarcity. But, it is relatively too late. We don’t need soothsayers to know that the country does not need an Emefiele-modeled-leader but one with a human face who can see people’s pain and provide solutions.

Also, Tinubu, the governors-elect, must hire unifiers. Cabinet members can unite the country through their style of leadership.

Most importantly, the president-elect and governors-elect must prioritise competence and character while picking their cabinet members. It shouldn’t be negotiated for tribalism, political patronage, or favouritism.

The incoming administration should do everything to recruit functional cabinet members, that is, individuals ready to serve and work for the good of the generality of the Nation.

A purpose-driven government must have a purposely driven team, and Tinubu and the governors-elect must not toll the path of wrong if they desire drastic progress.