Sulaimon Sobiye: Ogun Tribunal and matters arising


Reading through different narratives on social media on what transpired at the governorship election Tribunal sitting in Isabo, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital today, left me wondering how the menace of media sensationalism and misinformation have gone deeper into the fabric of our Society.

That political thugs invaded the premises of the court where the Tribunal was sitting was a blatant lies from the hottest part of the hell, I believe it was deliberately concocted by some disgruntled elements in the political circle to satisfy certain selfish political desire.

As an eye witness, members of the Tribunal in their wisdom ordered that the gate of the Magistrate Court should be closed immediately sitting commenced, which made large number of APC and PDP supporters, including other neutral observers who had arrived late to remain outside the gate of the court.

It was the same fate that befell the PDP aspirant, Segun Sowumi, who came around much later and started to mount pressure on the security agents at the gate to open the gate for him, after identifying himself as a stakeholder.

His violent agitation and reaction, which eventually compelled the security agents at the gate to change their earlier stance and wanted to open the gate for him draw the attention of other people standing outside the gate, who protested against the decision and resisted the move.

The people, who were amalgam of individuals from different political parties prevented Sowumi from enjoying any preferential treatment, as many claimed the man doesn’t deserve such special treatment, while others said whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander, adding that they were also very important in their own rights.

In fact, majority of those who booed Sowunmi and prevented his entry into the Tribunal premises were majorly PDP members, many of those who eloquently accused him of betrayal and started calling him all sorts of names.

So far so good, the Tribunal commenced on a very peaceful atmosphere without any blemish whatsoever, giving hope of justice without fear or favour.

Sulaimon Sobiye is a blogger and online entrepreneur.