SearchTag: Your business card in the pockets of your contact list


Enioluwa Odunjo founded SearchTag to solve the problem of forgetting to refer friends for job opportunities. “I have had several experiences where I forgot to refer friends for opportunities they would have been perfect for. This frustration is what moved me to provide a solution that would help me and many others remember to refer people who do good work”, Enioluwa said.

The objective of the app is to help everyone with a smartphone know the services, profession, or talents of every contact in their phonebook.

We have seen other companies try to solve this problem of connecting people with skilled professionals. But instead of linking people to just any nearby service provider like most apps do, SearchTag gives users access to service providers they already know and trust.

A unique feature of SearchTag is “Friends of Friends,” which gives users access to a wider range of talents by letting them see more verified professionals on their friends’ contact lists.

Feedback from SearchTag users has been positive, with one person saying “it’s like having my business card in the pocket of everyone on my contact list”. SearchTag users like that clients are the ones reaching out to them, rather than the other way around. The app has also saved people from having to air their private business on WhatsApp statuses in their search for service providers.

The vision for SearchTag is to be a robust platform that shortens the time and hassle it takes to connect people with excellent skilled service providers within their close circles. The long-term plan is to build a Global app so helpful that Google would begin to ask users if they would like to use SearchTag to find a top-rated service provider in their contact list.