Re: Open letter to his Excellency, Mr Gboyega Oyetola

Mr. Gboyega Oyetola

I was astonished to have read a statement in form of a letter from one Diran Odeyemi, who did not disclose his current designation in a political contraption in Osun State under the aegis of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, citing many unacceptable inferences why the All Progressives Congress APC governorship candidate, Mr Gboyega Oyetola, should not challenge the last week’s Court of Appeal, Abuja, judgement that restored the mandate of the hitherto sacked Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The kernel of the statement which is akin to what has been in the public domain through social and traditional media from other PDP gladiators and commissioned corporate bodies made it look like an organiSed subtle warfare on the former Governor Oyetola orchestrated by the Osun PDP political tacticians to abandon his legitimate struggle to regain his mandate from political vampires and bandits.

There is no iota of sense in the statement by a member of the ruling government putting undue pressure on the Symbol of a struggle to abandon his followers midway.

At what point did Odeyemi and his co-travellers realiSe that Oyetola’s pursuit of the struggle to the Supreme Court would heat up the polity if not for a diabolic intention?

Odeyemi should pocket his pieces of  advice  if he could afford to lower his esteem because of what to eat and team up with some cabals to send our state into a reverse gear of development by enthroning a satellite human being as the governor  of our dear state.

What is the concern of Odeyemi and his ilks if our candidate, Alhaji Oyetola, approaches the Supreme Court over the prevailing political logjam when the goal-getter and workaholic former governor did not source any fund for litigation from either him or his political lords in Ede?

Why is the Osun PDP afraid of the Supreme Court if truly its handlers and their governorship candidate are not having any skeleton in their cupboards?

Why must the PDP use their thugs to kill no fewer than 30 of our members in order to secure undeserved victory at the elections which they are now flaunting to feign  dubious popularity and acceptability in the state?

We believe in the separations of powers which is the basic reason that we are cautioning Odeyemi and his co-travellers not to involve the President-elect, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in an issue which is purely judicial in context.

It is pertinent to remind you that litigation which is in three segments is a constitutionally-allowed means of seeking a redress in a governorship election impasse in Nigeria which our candidate, Oyetola, would explore to the fullest.

As avowed and practising democrats, our candidate and the political party which has the rules of law as its pedestal, under which he is contesting, shall, without any inhibition, pursue the case to the Supreme Court and abide by whatever comes out of it.

It is important to point out to Odeyemi that his venomous sermon to Alhaji Oyetola not to access the Supreme Court is misplaced and can neither sit nor fly as the efforts to reclaim the stolen mandate of the former governor is even beyond him because the mandate is for the highest percentage of the people of Osun State.

It was observed that you did not, in your said letter, state correctly that the APC candidate won the House of Assembly election in Boripe state constituency instead of Ifelodun that you cited which is an indication that you lack the residual knowledge of our dear state.

If you must advise anyone, you can redirect such to your ill-prepared governor who is bereft of what it takes to govern a state other than dancing away his quality time when he is supposed to be engrossed in serious matters concerning the state.

Haba Odeyemi! Can you beat a child and bully him from crying? This is an impossible Utopia.


Sooko TAJUDEEN LAWAL, Acting Chairman,                                              Osun APC.