Insecurity: Security agencies urged to unite against terrorism in Nigeria


The National President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Mr. Chris Isiguzo, on Thursday, tasked all security agencies to unite against terrorism and other related insecurity that is ravaging all parts of the country, especially now the 2023 general election is fast approaching.

Isiguzo made this known while addressing newsmen from the 36 states of the country during the 7th triennial national delegates conference taking place in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State.

He expressed worries over the increasing insecurity in the country especially in the southeast region wherein some suspected hoodlums have continued to destroy valued properties worth millions of naira and killings of innocent citizens of the area.

According to him: “Let me commend the renewed determination by the Federal Government to end the protracted insecurity challenges ravaging some parts of the country, especially the insurgency in the North East and banditry, kidnapping in the North West and other acts of criminality that constitute a threat to the development of our nation.

“NUJ commend the courage and professionalism of our Armed Forces and appeal to Nigerians to unite against terrorism and other acts of insecurity rather than resorting to issues of politics that may not have any positive bearing in the fight against these evils.

“While we appreciate the fact that government has adopted new approaches that will tackle insecurity in the country, we urge that additional strategies be adopted to address the specific political, economic, and social challenges that encourage these security problems in general and the potential solutions that reduce them as the most reliable way forward.

“We encourage the government to listen to suggestions from well-meaning citizens who provide credible and workable alternative options in dealing with the devastating security situation and urge the government to be tolerant in dealing with the anger and frustration of the citizens.

“It is in this regard that we frown at the various comments of some highly placed Government officials that accuse the media of over-blowing security challenges in the country before the international community.

“We caution that lack of adequate information can, at any stage of a conflict, make people desperate, restless and easy to manipulate. However, there is also the need for caution on the part of media practitioners particularly in the South-East to be more circumspect in the news they disseminate to the public concerning the insecurity in the region. The news being churned out to the other parts of the country with regards to the insecurity situation in the region is far from the reality on the ground.”

The National President however declared his preparedness to review the constitution of the union to checkmate quackery and other irregularities that are being perpetrated by enemies of the union.

“The NUJ in the coming administration is going to take a critical look at this monster trying to rare its head before it dents the image of practitioners.

“The good news is the fact that our automated identity card is already addressing the issue of quacks and fake media practitioners. Any individual who wants to belong to the NUJ must adhere to the provisions of the constitution with respect to membership,” he stated.