in a country ready to bleed you dead

Elias Udòchi Andrevn

after Romeo Oriogun

By Elias Udòchi Andrevn

pray in little spaces wild enough for a dream.
& in deep sarcophagi of your body, stew
remnants flush with heaven. god’s beard rove
with burning crystals are the colors after
which we are named. a name can be a
vilification of colors. in this room primed with
intent, a boy open to nude stares sings—say
we’re at war & mean it. say you know
why we burn into the dark of tarred streets.
you see, his lover—three letters shy of
happy, rocked himself to sleep at the bottom
of a lake. they’ve given us names we do not
own. pray friend the holes in your body are
enough to house your lover’s. what you say
we build armories in the clefts of our mouth?


Elias Udòchi Andrevn is a marketing executive by day and a flower by night. Find him on Twitter @eliasandrevn and on Instagram.