God is not to be held responsible for our woes as a country but ourselves – SatGuru Maharaj Ji


The founder of the One Love Family, SatGuru Maharaj Ji, has said God is not to be held responsible for our woes as a country, there is nothing wrong with our star but ourselves as individual person.

Maharaj Ji made the remarks yesterday while addressing the media on celebrating 29th years declaring “No war in Nigeria, come what may” and also addressing state of the nation come 2023 general elections, held at Sat Guru Maharaj ji Vilage, Iju Ishaga, Ifako Local Government Area, of Lagos State.

However, he said” an object easily loses it’s state of equilibrium the moment it’s center of gravity is destabilized. Hence, with Nigeria of today’s the center of gravity of the world, whatever happens to Nigeria we will ultimately have profound influence on the entire human race”. The only solution for us to turn a new leaf, for we cannot bribe or manipulate the Divine as we would with Nigerian police.

Furthermore, while endorsing the muslim muslim presidential aspirant, urged Nigerian to unite as one and not allowing religions diversification to scattered us as we approach 2023 general polls, saying, ” Nigeria as a nation today is full of religious species that are unafrican,”

“We need someone who can stand up and solve our problems. We don’t need a lameduck president but one with a lion heart.

According to him, “the nation needs a President that will use public fund to make people happy and not hypocrites and deceivers.

“However, he should not allow religion to affect his good deeds. He is detribalised Nigeria but should be careful about religion controversy,” Maraji-Ji added

“We need a President that will be ready to die for Nigeria like late Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and Nelson Mandela. We need leaders that are knowledgeable,” he added.

Maharaj ji, who decried insecurity as well as religious and ethnic violence in the nation, said that most people that had wanted to change nation were frustrated by the system.

According to him, for things to change in Nigeria, leaders and followers must prioritise truth, righteousness, justice, fairness and equity.

Maharaj ji, therefore, urged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to follow laid down rules in the conduct of the 2023 elections to allow credible leaders to emerge for the masses.

He urged policy makers to be honest and transparent about nation’s resources, saying,” we cannot build anything worthwhile and durable until we think like a die hard communist”.

He called for an end to the disagreement between the Federal Government and the Academic Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU).

The founder, who described as sad the brain drain in Nigeria, said that he was available if the Federal.Government needed counsel on the solution to all problems facing the nation.

Describing the nation’s challenges as spiritual, Maharaj ji said that Nigeria would overcome if it embrace the Great Light.

The founder of One Love Family,.who called on the National Assembly to wake up and provide hope for the nation as people’s representatives, said there was the need for a Divine Government of Love that would touch all aspect of citizen’s life.