G5 Governors should stop overrating themselves, Atiku can be president without them  —  Adebayo, Vice Chairman, Ogun PDP


In this interview with Bankole Taiwo, the Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State, Arc Kayode Adebayo speaks on the needless G5 Governors’crisis as well as the fact that Hon Ladipupo Adebutu is the next Governor of Ogun State among other topical issues

How ready is Ogun PDP to unseat APC led administration in the state come March 11, 2023 governorship election?

Governorship race is not a dash but marathon, it’s something we have been working towards in the last eight years for Hon Ladipupo Adebutu to be the Governor. We have been on it since 2017 thereabout, we are consolidating on it now and we have that assurance that by the grace of God,  our efforts shall be crowned this time around. It’s just that people are always on look out for campaign but there is more to winning governorship elections than campaigning and shouting all around. So, a lot of works is going underground.

Are you saying it confidently that the PDP will unseat Gov Dapo Abiodun led administration in a matter of months?

By the special grace of God, it will happen, incumbency or not, Hon Ladipupo Adebutu is the next Governor of Ogun State. You see, this is an election we should have won in 2019 if not for what happened through a mole, but that is behind us now. What is so glaring is the woeful performance of this APC administration and the people who deserve much better are saying enough is enough. 2023 is our year and we won’t allow it to slip through our hands. It’s time for Ogun people to enjoy good governance again and PDP through Hon Ladipupo Adebutu will bring back the good old days by the special grace of God.

How do you react to those who are of the opinion that Hon Ladipupo Adebutu does not have what it takes to govern the state?

That’s another bullshit, mere fallacy and baseless gossip. How will they say somebody who went to school, Igbobi College, Lagos and later studied Analytical Chemistry in Ireland with chains of Agricultural business and thousands working under him does not have what it takes to govern the state. May be it is their Governor whose certificate is generating controversy is the most qualified. It is a failed attempt anyway because we have a governorship candidate who has gotten all the prerequisites qualifications to make life more bearable for the citizens of Ogun State. And how much of a certificate do you even need to serve the people but rather good heart, a heart that is humane, a heart that is ready to feel the pains of the people and act accordingly. Everyone knows that Hon Ladipupo Adebutu is humane, people have always been the centerpiece of his activities and this he will replicate when he gets to power in 2023. Politics is about managing human being and anyone with a good heart, anyone who is rich in human kindness will leave behind a footprints of good governance and this the next governor of Ogun State, Hon Ladipupo Adebutu has in abundance.

What is your opinion on the protracted crisis between your party and G5 Governors, there was even a report that said the G5 Governors, that is Gov Wike of Rivers, Gov Seyi Makinde of Oyo, Gov Samuel Ortom of Benue, Gov Ikpeazu of Abia and Gov Ugwanyi of Enugu are endorsing APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu…

…(cuts in) we are really unmoved, these Governors are overating themselves, they think they are gods once they get to that office but they are missing it so much. Will Wike tell everyone in Rivers State where to vote, we know that in Rivers State as we speak, Wike is not in the good book of the labour. He has not been doing well with the workers. Wike may truly be building fly overs and the rest but are people being taken care of? Is that what they want? Who are the contractors? I agree that he might have done some things but winning elections goes beyond that and the fact that you have done something can never confer upon you the power to tell all the people where to vote, it doesn’t work that way, that doesn’t make you the Alpha and Omega of Rivers State. Gov Wike needs to moderate his feelings.

Is that the feeling in PDP? Well for many people like me, that’s the thought. Wike can’t say he is relying on people like Gov Seyi Makinde for Southwest or what is the influence of Makinde on the voters in Ogun State, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti and others. The G5 Governors are overating themselves and the earlier they remain humble the better for them because what God will do, He will do. Our incoming President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has said that if God has ordained him to be the President of Nigeria in 2023, with or without the G5 Governors, the will of God will be done.I don’t say that what they are fighting for is not correct but as a politician you must be able to reach compromise, you must know the party is supreme. I am still appealing to them to sheathe their swords, they should return to the negotiating table and let’s chart the way forward. That’s better rather than insulting people all around, yes we applaud him for all that he did when the party had its difficulty but that should not be the reason to keep grandstanding and boasting around as if you were god.

As regarding his clamour that the National party Chairman, Dr Iyorcha Ayu should be removed, the party has its constitution and as it is now, if Ayu is removed, the next person to be the Chairman will still be from the North, from the Northeast, and our presidential candidate is from Northeast too, so they have been told that what they are demanding for will only create many more problems for the party. I still hope they will allow reasons to prevail, because it is time to put our eyes on the big pie and business of rescuing Nigerians from this wicked APC government rather than chasing shadows. They have to stop being selfish.