Election: Muslim Forum tasks Sokoto political leaders on peace


The Muslim Solidarity Forum Sokoto,an umbrella of Islamic clerics and organisations, has advised political leaders to embrace peace ahead of the governorship and state Assembly elections.

The forum comprised Imams, scholars, preachers, Islamic organisations, Islamic centres and Sufi movement in the state.

The Chairman of the forum, Prof. Isa Maishanu, made the appeal at a news conference in Sokoto on Wednesday.

Maishanu said the group has been following the tensed political atmosphere, and the rivalry and competition over the upcoming governorship and state assembly polls.

“We have observed the disturbing fact that all but one seat of the February 25, Senatorial and National Assembly elections, were declared inconclusive.

“This is coupled with the possibility of violence in the coming elections, finds it imperative to make this submissions,” he said.

He urged all the candidates, political leaders in the state and other politicians to fear Allah and remember that power belongs to Allah the Almighty alone.

“Allah gives power to whoever He so wishes, when He so wills in order to test him whether he will be just and preserve the trust given to him.

“Therefore, no amount of violence that will make a person get what Allah the Exalted has not destined for him.

“Even if by destiny he acquires the position, there is great sin and severe punishment that awaits anyone who takes innocent lives,” he admonished.

Maishanu further advised all political leaders who inadvertently make inflammatory statements in the media, for the sake of Allah, to publicly retract such.

“You should direct your followers to come to polling station armless, this, by Allah’s permission will help in maintaining the peaceful atmosphere which the Seat of the Caliphate is known for,” he appealed.

The Chairman also called on security agencies to act according to the law, without favouring any political party or candidate and should work hard to prevent violence by providing adequate personnel for the exercise.

“Similarly, we call on the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission to be fair and work for the country and not any party. They should remember that they are being paid with the nation’s resources.

“Equally, we call on the youths not to allow themselves be used to cause chaos in their communities through actions that would lead to spilling blood of the innocent or destroying lives and properties.

“They should remember that the person whom they committed wrong for him to gain power will avail nothing for them when the punishment of Allah comes.

“Moreover, even in this world, their sponsors are likely to abandon them after carrying out the dirty jobs,” he cautioned.