Don’t take drugs prescribed for others with similar illness – Health Expert


A medical expert, Dr Ibrahim Bello, has advised Nigerians with ailment not to take drugs prescribed for others with similar conditions to avoid causing more harm to their health.

Bello, the Head of Department, Family Medicine, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday.

According to him, taking drugs without consulting a medical doctor would lead to abuse and even worsen the health condition of a patient.

Bello said there was also the need to sensitise patients against purchasing drugs from medicine stores without prescription from a doctor.

“The masses should avoid intake of combined drugs without the prescription of a qualified professionals.

“Some market women are addicted to walking into a chemist shop to buy 10 to 12 different drugs to swallow after the end a work day.

“In the process, they can take expired drug and instead of curing the disease, it will damage the body,’’ he said.

The medical expert asserted that drugs were not food that people should take anyhow but only when necessary and on the prescription of a professional.

Bello further said that some patients after taking prescribed drugs and did not feel relief should consult the doctor rather than take excess of the drug.

“This can cause bodily harm or death of the person. Taking a drug of an illness for another sickness without the consent of a doctor can end in crisis,’’ he said.

Bello urged Nigerians to avoid combings drugs or abuse to live in good health.