Dangote cement empowers host communities with modern agriculture tools


By Oluwaseun ogunsola

The Dangote cement Ibese,  empowered the host comm unities for modern agriculture practices to boost crop production in preparation for the rainy season in the area of food production.

The company management explained that the empowered programme was specifically targeted at maize cropping,that the farmers were taken through the means of modern maize farming so as to boost yeilds with the coming rainfall.

Further more,the Ibese plant director said,the programme would bring farmers from all the 17 host communities of the cement Company and that it was part of the community development agreement signed by both parties recently adding that the company would always be ready to help the people especially farmers in the area of boosting food production.

He explained,that the cement Company in collaboration with some expert consultants mapped out Practical training on capacity development on capacity development on good agriculture practices for soil fertility and  to maximise maize cropping.

Also stating,the company would not stop at the level of training but would also support farmers with farm clearing, distribution of farm inputs such as seeds,herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers, agricultural extension as well as the required route to the market.

The Director, Nawazuddin explained that, to ensure maximum impact,only farmers whose farm size was not more than one hectares at the commencement of the programme would be considered for the project organise in partnership with an indigenous Agric-support services firm midstream Agro.

He said, the rationale behind the programme was that the “Ibese plant host communities are endowed with vast and arable land as well as good climatic conditions necessary for sustainable agriculture venture,hence the company’s support to the farmers for improved output with greater efficiency.”

While speaking,he assured that Dangote cement will continue to offer support to the farmers for the socio-economic transformation of the communities as clearly spelt out to the CDA,which he promised to follow strictly.

Speaking,the lead consultant midstream Agro, Mr Olumide Oladipupo thanked the company for the development of the farmers in the host communities.

He said, “The need for other corporate organisation to join the conscious effort to drive more people into agriculture across the host communities cannot be over-emphasize as it is one of the most effective ways to reduce unemployment and over dependence on such companies for survival.”

The beneficiaries took time to appreciate Dangote cement for the support.one of the farmers,Mr Abisekan Idoola of the Abule Oke community said apart from the direct benefit from the programme, it afforded them the platform to cross fertilize ideas and share best practices which has helped to greatly improved performances of their various farms.