Cleric urges Christians to imbibe spirit of giving 


A Cleric, Rev. Fr. Anthony Agu, on Sunday, called on Christians to imbibe the spirit of giving to further reap the blessings of the Almighty God.

Agu gave the admonition in a homily at the Sacred Heart Parish Church, Uwani, Enugu at a special thanksgiving service for the family of Chief Benjamin Ikah over safe delivery of their twins, Oluomachukwu and Mmesomachukwu.

The cleric, who alluded to the biblical story of Lazarus and the rich man, pointed out that those God gave grace to make wealth and be wealthy should know that  “such a privilege is given to help others.”

According to him, no man is perfect, but the grace of God in one’s life differentiates one from the other.

“Nothing is truly ours, as everything, I mean everything we own, is given by Him and not our own strength or wisdom.

“From the Holy Bible, Lazarus, a poor man, was placed at the rich man’s gate for him to be noticed and taken care of by the rich man; but in all his lifetime, the rich man did not care about Lazarus’ condition.

“It is not until both men died that the rich man noticed that there was someone like Lazarus, when he was facing torment in hell. In hell, when it was all over, his repentance came.

“Do you have people around you waiting for your help that will uplift them so that they do not continue to stay at the gate of poverty, lack, hunger or help to get over a negative stage of life?.

“There is a call to care and stop being indifferent about people around or close to you.

“The Almighty God that rewards givers will never forget you as He works through you to uplift others today,” he said.

Later Ikah, who is also the Chairman of Association of Tricycle Riders in Enugu State, said that his family was very grateful to the Lord for the wonderful gifts that came to beautify the family.

He said that apart from the blessings of the twin babies, God had been gracious to the family in terms of protection, uplift and sound health.

“As a family, we cannot thank God enough for his sure mercies and blessings towards us and I pray for everybody that came to rejoice with my family for God’s blessings and favour on them all,” he said.