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Aviation industry with 674 complaints ranks 3rd on FCCPC data in 2022



The Federal Competition, Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has said that the Nigeria Aviation industry has been ranked third with 674 complaints as received according to statistics by the Commission in 2022.

According to him, most of the complaints received from the industry were on delays, cancellations, pilfered baggage, lost baggage, airport experience, general condition of the terminals, cooling system and discourteous service among others.

Speaking on the aviation industry statistics, Director Operations, FCCPC, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi says, most of the complaints received were on delays, cancellations, pilfered baggage, lost baggage, airport experience, general condition of the terminals, cooling system and discourteous service among others.

“Essentially delays, cancellation, lost and pilfered baggage.”

According to him, the complaints were lodged on their website requesting details of the complainant, phone number and other details to receive feedbacks.

“Log in, give us the complaints and there is a prompt that will tell you to give the type of complaints off course all your details are there, the details of the channel solved, your own personal details, phone numbers we can get back to you. Immediately a response is generated that gives you your number, the number of your complaints which you can now use to go ahead and always find out how far the commission has gone in resolving your complaint. Off course you can call through the phone and give your complaint or through normal mail as hard copy you can send your complaint to the FCCPC.”

Dr. Abdullahi said, they have an understanding with aviation and whenever they receive complaints that has to do with the sector they  pass it and give a time limit  within which a response is expected.

He however frowned at the failure of airlines to let their passengers know if there is a problem.

“Most times if you explain to passenger what is happening they can understand but the problem is, operators don’t get out and tell the public what is actually going on with their operations.

“You buy a ticket, you come and sit in the airport for hours unending, you don’t even get any sort of information on the status of your flight and that really angers passengers. If you normally carry them along and tell them, these are the challenges that you are facing, it normally brings down the tempers and that is always what we encourage our service providers to do as in the airlines.”

The FCCPC Operations Director explained that, currently the Commission is working on a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA and all sectors of consumer protection because they have the core competency and the laws to address their sectors.

He explained that having an MoU with them means that, whenever they have complaints via their portal such complaints will be sent to the sector concern like to the NCAA and others.

“We are ready, some sectors have already joined on that platform so that complaints about shipping now that we already have an MoU with the Nigeria Shippers Council goes to the Council, same for others. We are in the process of signing that MoU.

“We already have an understanding with aviation, whenever we have any complaints pertaining to aviation, we normally pass it to aviation and give them a time limit.”

The FCCPC revealed the total complaints received by the commission in its headquarters and across zonal offices was 13, 580 from Janaury-December, 2022.

It also stated that the  2022 list was topped by the Financial services with 5,709 complaints, second is electricity and power with 3,293, telecommunications, 605 and E-commerce 508.

Others are electrical electronics, 415, food and beverages, 222, satellite/cable services, 122, postal/courier services, 71, road transport, 69, land/construction, 65, real estate/mortgages 63, health services 52, education 29 and others.

Sectoral analysis of complaints resolved showed that on 3 out of 13,580 total complaints,  3,327 were resolved.

Compared to 2021, the Commission received 10,178 complaints and resolved 1,990. Financial services also topped the list with 2,736 complaints followed by electricity/power with 3043, telecommunications, 510, aviation, 459 and electrical/electronics 502.


WIA honours Dana Air as Airline wins CSR award



Dana Air has been honoured by the Women in Aviation for celebrating 15 years in Nigeria’s Aviation Industry at the Annual Conference of Women in Aviation Nigeria Chapter held recently in Kano.

According to the President of Women in Aviation Nigeria, Rejoice Ndudinachi, “this year’s conference is themed: Connect, Engage, Inspire, and the highlight is presentation of awards to persons and organisations who have distinguished themselves in the society.”

Similarly, Dana Air has bagged the Corporate Social Responsibility airline of the year Award 2023 at the City Business News Summit 2023, held recently in Lagos at Oriental Hotels.

Speaking on the double honours, Dana Air’s Chief Operating Officer, Ememobong Ettete, said, “Dana Air is committed to the theme of this year’s WIA conference as always and this is a well-deserved recognition for us and it just goes to show that people see and appreciate the little things we do to support not just our dear country but communities, youths, the women in aviation, our industry and even the entertainment industry.”

“As a responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to supporting worthy causes across the country and contributing to her growth and development as we have no other option than to build our country and see it achieve its full potential,” he added.

Having flown over 36 million passengers in the last 15 years of its operation, Dana Air is one of Nigeria’s leading airlines with a mixed fleet of Boeing aircraft and daily flights to major cities in Nigeria.

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NAHCON urges FAAN to provide facilities at departure centres



The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), has urged the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to provide navigation equipment and facilities at Hajj departure centres across the country.

Deputy Director, Information and Publication, NAHCON, Malam Mousa Ubandawaki, in a statement, said the acting Chairman of the commission, Jalal Arabi, made the call when he hosted members of FAAN’s Hajj Committee.

Arabi noted that the provision of necessary navigational equipment and facilities at the hajj departure centres would facilitate a seamless transportation of the 2023 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

“You are a formidable partner in the Hajj operation. Though, there are certain considerations put in place during hajj transportation, we expect you to tell us the state of the various airports used for transportation of pilgrims.

“The committee should be time conscious as they would have limited time to carry out their assignments, going by the time line set by Saudi Arabia for all nations to conclude all Hajj arrangements.”

Earlier, the leader of the delegation and Director, Airport Operations, Capt. Mukhtar Muye, said that FAAN commenced preparations for the 2024 hajj about two months ago.

This, according to him, is with a view to achieving a hitch-free Hajj operation.

He assured that the exercise would be completed before the commencement of the transportation of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia from the 16 departure airports across the country.

Muye, however, urged the commission to persuade the Tour Operators companies to comply with the arrangements of transportation of their pilgrims through the international Terminals instead of the Hajj Terminal.

According to him, that can deny the authorities valuable revenue that they are supposed to generate for the purpose of providing the necessary infrastructural facilities at the airports.

He assured the commission of the authority’s commitments to discharge its duties diligently so that Nigerian Pilgrims could experience a hitch-free exercise.

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Aviation yet to fully recover from pandemic losses – IATA



The International Air Transport Association said the aviation sector is still recovering from losses of the pandemic which crippled flight operations globally.

Africa lost an estimated $7.7 billion in the aviation sector in 2020 as restrictions were put in place by governments to combat the spread of COVID-19, leading to a drop in traffic.

IATA estimated that Nigeria lost about N21 billion monthly during the outbreak. Analysts said it would take until 2024 for the situation in the aviation sector to improve and return to 2019 levels.

AITA’s Regional Vice-President, Africa and Middle East, Kamil Alawadhi, at the 55th AFRAA Annual General Meeting, warned governments to desist from seeing the aviation sector as cash cows if the sector must harness its growth potential.

He said, “Africa’s aviation industry is still recovering from significant losses due to the pandemic.

“To make up for this shortfall, governments should avoid imposing higher fees, levies, carbon taxes or new taxes on air transport, trade or tourism.

“These measures would only make air travel more expensive and less accessible in Africa, where the average airfare is already 30 percent  higher than the industry average and the jet fuel cost is 10-20 per cent higher than the global average.”

While the sector continues to recover, higher costs will discourage customers who are sensitive to prices, which will impact revenue,” he said.

“They would also hamper economic development and limit the opportunities for job creation and income generation. High cost leads to high price, which reduces demand and growth in a price-elastic market, and ultimately affects connectivity negatively.”

He advised the governments to follow the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s policies on charges and infrastructure and consult with airlines and industry to ensure a fair and cost-effective operational environment that benefits a more connected continent.

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