2023: Why North Central shouldn’t trade presidency for any position – APC leaders


Leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) inPlateau State and some states in the North Central have called on leaders of the party from the zone vying for the national chairmanship seat to have a rethink as that could cost them the 2023 presidency.

They urged the North Central not to compromise the 2023 presidency for any other position because it is time the presidency is zoned to them for the sake of “equity and fairness”.

The APC leaders met in Jos, the Plateau State capital.

Addressing journalists after the meeting, Saleh Mandung Zazzaga said they are not speaking for the APC as a party, but that as party members at various levels, they have decided to form a forum and initiate political activities that would benefit the region.

“As APC members/leaders from the North Central region with like minds, we have decided to have a kind of forum where we will be initiating programmes and political activities for the benefit of the region.

“We have been meeting ourselves at political programmes, conferences and similar fora, and we decided to unite and pursue a common cause for the region.

“Foremost on our agenda right now however is the issue of the 2023 presidency which we want it to be zoned to the North Central. This is because apart from the military era, since the democratic dispensation the region hasn’t actually produced either the President or the Vice President, but has tremendously contributed to the democratic growth in the nation.

“Therefore, it would be fair and equitable enough for the presidency to be zoned to the region. But we have seen through a move that could jeopardize the quest, that is the acceptance of a party’s National Chairmanship position by anyone from the region.

“The political calculation and understanding are that if a party chairmanship is zoned to a region, the presidency would be zoned to another region”, he said.

“That is why we are calling on all our party members from the North Central vying for the party national chairmanship to have a rethink and join hands together to push for the presidency rather than the chairmanship.

“We also hope that our request would be considered by the APC national leadership and zone the presidency to the region.”

Zazzaga called on the youths, women, religious leaders, persons with disabilities, groups and all those eligible to participate in politics to actively get involved so that political decisions and election outcomes would not be left in the hands of politicians alone.

He said their next move would be advocacy visits to the national and regional (North Central) leaders of the party as well as members of other parties with whom they share the same ideology on the 2023 presidency so that they can all have a common struggle for the region.