Youth Vanguard/SUBEB football competition among basic education students in Benue, a psycho – moto  domain – Dr Bija


By Titus Atondu, Makurdi

The Director of Academics Services Benue State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Mrs. Bija Ph.D has described the current sport competition particularly in football among the Benue State Basic Education Students organized by the Ortom Youth Vanguard in conjunction with the Benue State Universal Basic Education Board as a Psycho – Moto  domain.

Dr. Bija further explained that the psycho -moto domain in education is refer to the physical way of doing things which according to her the students are practicing now.

Mrs.Bija revealed the significance of sports to students while fielding questions from Nigerian NewsDirect on Wednesday at the SUBEB Headquarters in Makurdi, maintained that the importance of sporting activities to students in the Basic education can never be overemphasized.

She also explained that another objective of sports competition is to bring about unity in diversification among  the students irrespective of their ethnic and religious background.

Dr. Bija noted that some of the students in the Basic education do not have sound cognitive and affective  understanding as compared to that of the psycho – Moto understanding they have

The Academic Services Director further explained that in the past education was narrowed  down to being able to read and write very well but now it has been realized that if someone is not academically fit he or she can still be useful in other aspects of human endeavors like welding, carpentry among others.

Dr. Mrs. Bija pointed out the kinds of domain that existed in the education system to include; Affective, Cognitive and Psycho – Moto domains.

According to her, the Psycho – Moto domain is the practical way of doing things which the students are undergoing.

She stated that sporting activities also revealed the actual tallent of students in the Basic education.

The competition will further bring out the best schools out of many where are first winner will be taking home a brand new 14 seater Hummer bus, the second position desktop computer while the third winner takes home power generating set.

Mrs. Bija told Nigerian NewsDirect that SUBEB collaboration with the Ortom Youth Vanguard to sponsor a football competition among students in primary schools and Junior Secondary Schools(UBE), across the 23 local government areas in Benue State is premised on the above importance.


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