You remain a global icon @ 85, Segun Showunmi hails Obasanjo

A frontline public analyst and chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ogun State, Mr Segun Showunmi has said that former President Olusegun Obasanjo remains a global icon who has consistently used every inch of his 85 years on earth to advance growth and development of humanity.

Showunmi stated that despite human frailties that is common to all, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo by sheer grace of God, dint of hardwork and commitment to a better world order had transformed from being a village boy from Ibogun Olaogun in Ifo local government area of the state to an highly sought after world leader.

The PDP stalwart who stated this in a statement issued to rejoice with Obasanjo on his 85th birthday on Saturday also said that it was quite remarkable that 15 years after leaving office as the President of the country, the former President has continued to deploy his energy and resources towards a better, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Showunmi described the two times that Obasanjo governed the country both as a military head from 1976-1979 as well as a civilian from 1999-2007 as golden era for the country saying that as a military head, the former President willfully handed power to the civilian government of Alhaji Sheu Shagari whereas subsequent military heads such as Ibrahim Babangida, Late Gen Sanni Abacha had made mountain of lies and difficulties out of their transition programmes.

He disclosed that while time and space may not permit him to begin to mention the numerous achievements of ObJ as the former President is fondly called while he led the country as civilian from 1999-2007, the debt relief he was able to secure and its attendant impact on the country’s economy did say so much in the face of current crippling debt hanging on the neck of our dear nation.

Showunmi said “Looking back on the last decades that I, your son, can recollect, your life as head of state was unusual, bold and courageous. The strong position you held during the apartheid era with the benefit of hindsight is indicative of a man under grace for the world order.

“It could easily have consumed you, but it did not. Instead, it propelled you into a dependable ally of the west.
Handing over power in 1979 at a time when with the death of General Muritala, most African leaders would have played tricks by extending and extending the date, not you.

“Baba, I got the cross pen you signed off with and one of the Seiko wristwatches. That indeed was the guidance of the Lord our God, for how did you manage yourself to do what is right. Recall the transition program of IBB, and it will become clear just how much willpower it takes African leaders to exit power honourably.

“The harsh years that followed saw you play critical roles, almost becoming a civil society activist until you got thrown into prison. Somehow, you did not die, given that many others in and out of prison paid the ultimate price. Still, God kept you alive and miraculously returned you to the headship of Nigeria as civilian president, a title only yourself and President Buhari have attained in our history”.

He revealed further that “Post Presidency, I have equally watched you go full force, working with other world leaders, doing your best to keep humanity safe.

“Your work rate is incredible, your exercise regime is beyond astonishing, you are just damn too bold, in thoughts, in writings, in actions, and just getting up and going to the next trip and the next is stuff that only an all caring God could have helped you through.
Now, Baba, at 85years young, just look at you, how energetic, so full of life!”

Showunmi congratulated Obasanjo for enjoying this grace of God so far and prayed that the former President will continue to wax stronger as he remain committed to serving humanity for the rest of his life.

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