Why Osun should be wary of political mercenaries during Governorship Tribunal season


By Kola OlabisiA

As the proceedings of the governorship election petition have kick-started in earnest, the unsuspecting people of Osun State have been charged to keep watch on those people whose principal mission is to plunge the state into avoidable crisis through the issuance of needless inflammatory statements and packaging and dishing out of falsehoods by incendiaries to rock the subsisting peace of the state.

The honourable expectation from all the political parties who are the stakeholders in the ongoing governorship election petition tribunal is to steer clear of any remark or comment capable of distracting the tribunal.

It is worthwhile for the political players to have it at the back of their minds that no aspiration of any political party or individual is worth willful sentencing of Osun State into a permanent extinction as it is a common patrimony of all the indigenes of the state.

Our actions and inactions in conduct and in speech should portray us as a people who desire the best for the State of the Virtuous and not like any imported political mercenaries who care less about the plight of the state.

It is necessary for the reportage of the tribunal proceedings to be accurate and always effected contemporaneously with the facts discussed at the tribunal in order not to run foul of the laws guiding such in the court of law.

This crucial time at the stage of the ongoing governorship election petition tribunal in Osun State is an unconventional barometer through which the outside world would measure the behavioural pattern of the people of the state.

There is no need for the introduction of violence by any political party to prevent unfettered access to the tribunal by whoever wishes to attend as such contemplated attitude is primitive, inhuman and unlawful.

The political foot soldiers should be mindful of their utterances while the e-rats should also be truthful and non-combative through their use of both conventional and social media.

It is absolutely wrong for some people to stay in the corner of their offices or wherever to cook, fabricate and compose stories with the intention to demean or lower the estimation of other people before the right-thinking members of the public.

In all our dealings, it should always ring the bell that sentiment and fact are not, in anyway, related.