Why I am empowering my church members financially – Pastor Olalekan Akin-Joseph


Pastor Olalekan Akin-Joseph is the General Overseer of Breakthrough Anointing Solution Church, Meiran, Lagos. In this interview with the Group News Editor, AYO FADIMU, the Clergyman speaks on the reason he wants to make sure everybody in his church is financially independent and his plan to give capitals to budding entrepreneurs and unemployed youths in the church. He also speaks on the roles church should play in the society. Excerpts:

We learnt that you want to empower your members business-wise, Is that true sir?

Glory be to God in the highest. Yes, that is how it is exactly. When God blesses a person, people should be able to benefit from that person that God has blessed. It is not something good for a Minister of God to be going high in blessings and the members are wallowing in poverty. So that is the reason why we consider empowering people who are without jobs so that they can have a job to do and be their own employer.

What about those who are not willing to do business but want to engage in skill acquisition?

We have also made arrangement for that; to make money available for those who want to engage in any form of skill acquisition. We have made money available for that scheme because we want everybody to be employed in Breakthrough Anointing Solution Church.

Is there any empowerment arrangement  for those who after acquiring their desired skills do not have the means?

There is an arrangement for them. If after acquiring the necessary skills they do not have the means, it depends on their seriousness. If we discover that they are serious minded and we have a good testimony of their diligence from their tutor, that is what will determine how we are going to make provisions for the necessary tools they need.

We know that this kind of scheme is mostly sponsored by politicians, and we know that some Pastors too do engage in Politics. Are you working on that platform?

I am not into politics. Christ is the Lord of lords who is sponsoring me. As he has put it in my mind to do it for people, so also I’m doing for the people. There is no politician, Jesus is the one supporting me in doing this. There is no one, it is I who God is using to do this.

 Are you not afraid  that some people after empowering them might depart to another Church?

The Bible has said something that “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on”. It is what God has sent me in this season that I am doing for the people. If they wish they may stay in Breakthrough Church, If they wish they may not stay. It is what God has sent me that I am doing for the people.

 Who are those who are qualified for this oppor-tunity, and from what number of years will they qualify to enjoy this benefit?

We have made this kind of arrangement sometimes ago but which people misused the grace, but the Committee and the Elders of the Church had a resolution that we should fix the years above as a member in the church of qualification to begin from five years, but I advised them that we should fix the number of years to three to four years for the benefit of the people.

Is the scheme only for workers alone or are non-work-ers included?

Both workers and non-workers are included. It is meant for everybody.

What is your advice for other Pastors?

My advice for other Ministers is that if God has blessed them, they should allow people benefit from them. They should also help to raise those who are not privileged, because nobody knows tomorrow. We who are speaking today, have sometimes faced hardship in the past before God lifted us. So we have to appreciate God in the lives of those people. Let those Ministers of God who have mounted high learn to help the less privileged people.

I saw a bus   with the name of a  football club. Does the church also engages in football?

Yes, we have a team. We are using that also to help people. The BreakthroughAnointing Solution Church has developed a team as a way of helping our youth for a better future. The team is meant for sponsoring those who are talented in playing football.

What is your advice to Church members?                                                                                                     

My advice to Church members is that once a person has accepted Jesus as his/her Lord and Saviour, rest on Him, and they should be obedient to the Commandments of God, Those who follow Jesus in truth willl be lifted. The bible says “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”. All those members of the Church who have the grace of hearing me, my advice to you is to move closer to God, because it is in Jesus that there is fullness of joy. For those who are close to God, they will surely become what they have being destined to become, whether the enemies like it or not.