WhatsApp reinforces security features for safety of users

By Ibiyemi Mathew

WhatsApp has announced the introduction of new security features on her platform.

In a press statement, the messaging platform reiterated its believe in the privacy and security of conversations on the platform.

“At WhatsApp, we believe that your messages should be as private and secure as an in-person conversation. Protecting your personal messages with default end-to-end encryption is the foundation of that security, and we’ll never stop building new features to give you extra layers of privacy, and more control over your messages.

“Today, we are excited to tell you about some of the additional security features we’ll be adding in the coming months,” the statement revealed.

Part of the new security features will include account protect, which allows WhatsApp to ask a user trying to switch to a new phone for verification on his old phone.

The messaging platform will also be introducing a security code verification feature which will help to ensure users are chatting with their intended recipients.

“To make this process easier and more accessible to everyone, we’re rolling out a security feature based on a process called ‘Key Transparency’ that allows you to automatically verify that you have a secure connection. What it means for you is that when you click on the encryption tab, you’ll be able to verify right away that your personal conversation is secured,” the statement noted.

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