Wealth without peace is nothing!!!


By Hon. Rotimi Makinde

Let me humbly refer you to the case of both Gadafi and Sadam Hussein… They were both powerful and very wealthy… but where are they today and what about their wealth? !. Without peace and tranquility, wealth is nothing.

I often laugh at the so called wealthy people in Nigeria. They have Bentleys, houses in Ikoyi, Victoria Island ,Banana Island and too numerous  other expensive cars … but sad to note  that they equally  ride on bad roads like any other Nigerians who live in face to face buildings in Ajegunle, Abule Egba, Ikotun and Akute … And so they surely need plenty of machine guns and many security personnel to protect themselves.

A wealthy man in any conflict zone is simply making nonsense of his existence, they surely need a rethink of their strategy. No known economic policy can triumph in an unsecured environment either. People are dying of insecurity, Kidnapping is becoming a booming business, much are experiencing failing health, hunger and gnashing of teethes across the land, yet the living and the people in power are going about in such an undaunted manner with sirens and constant jet out to enjoy to the fullest  !!. Businesses are relocating to Ghana and bank loans are now strictly for only those related to the bank owners.

The whole world is changing, we all need very little to survive, many are not only stealing for themselves but gathering for their children and great grand children. They are busy looting and stacking ill gotten money, gold and diamond all over the world. They surely forgot about death the necessary end of any creature and more so they can’t keep hiding the funds and live forever in this sinful world… . They can’t  take the ill gotten money to EU as they used to any longer, they can’t even be in power for all their lives .America is not so easy or welcoming them any longer as well. Late Gen Sani Abacha.. most funds he stole are now been returned to Nigeria. That is just the beginning. Many of them who are failing to learn from history will also suffer more brutal fate. Late Chief Mko Abiola who died for democracy and on whose death many of them rose to prominence is now history. That is life!.

Former Gov James Ibori’s properties in UK are been confiscated, the case is still in court. Mrs Allison Madueke, the former minister of petroleum repatriation is a matter of time. Once the government of Nigeria wins the UK govornment, which I am very sure they would, all her properties are going to be sold and the funds will be returned to the Nigerian government.

Our leaders need to wise up. Any funds taken to Dubai CAN NEVER BE TAKEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOREVER… But our people keep investing there without realising the implications..

Most of us run from our ancestoral communities, our towns and villages. We dread our people and consider our place as  no go area because of our foolishness and strange faith yet we invest heavily  in places like Abuja Portharcourt and Lagos  only for us to think of having a small business and little hut in our home for final eternal rest .We allow our mal- administration to chase away our youths and professionals to outside world only for us to start negotiating with their host government  for their home coming, we seek hostility against them to make them return to us and to a place where we failed to provide for their welfare, no light, no work, no water and no security. The educated one’s certificates are now worthless and civil service jobs and politics is becoming hereditary.

If only we can sit and think about how temporary is this life itself!!! .


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