We need plenty of caution in our Supreme Court to avoid anarchy


By Hon. Rotimi Makinde

An undercurrent of apathy flows through the streets like poisoned blood. Cities vomit anguish like noxious gas. Air becomes death.

People walk the streets as if nothing is wrong.  Neighborhoods are concentration camps. Everyone is a stranger. Voices become cell phones. Everyone is auto tuned.

Tones sound synthetic.  An implosion is imminent. The hungry and homeless now outnumber the sated and housed. Anger festers in dark alleys.

If you want to survive, you cannot ignore the pain around you. It’s a hurt so deep that it could tear society asunder.  And swallow you whole.”

The military are today  out with amouries for their primary assignments that refused to end, and may not need to return them to achieve but use it to rescue the scenerio for they have their script already to announce temporary stay that may be applaud .If i were to be Rev Mbaka. This may be taken as serious. But i am a mere realist…. Anyway God forbid, the worst of our today is better than the best of our yesterday while tomorrow is in our hands