We are fighting Grand Corruption – FG


By Bukola Olanrewaju

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi  Osinbanjo has disclosed that the present administration is fighting grand corruption in the country.

This statement was made on Sunday at an event themed “The Grill (A no-hold barred dialogue between federal government, FRN and Christian Leaders and Youth).

According to Osinbanjo, importance has being laid on fighting “Grand Corruption” for the past three years of being in office with the current President, Mohammadu Buhari.

He emphasized that, grand corruption is the major obstacle militating against the faster growth of Nigeria economy for many years.

Osinbanjo said Grand Corruption isn’t the absence of good working ideas but a situation where people can simply take money from Government Treasury for embezzlement.

“We can’t talk about Nigerian economy without talking about the impact of corruption on the economy.

“This country have an economy that has been subjected to the worst form of corruption for many years.

“As of 2012, Nigeria Poverty Population was 102 million extreme poverty, despite the fact we earn the highest amount of money in oil.

“If we are earning the highest of money;  your debt and extreme poverty level doubles in a place with so much money. Why is that possible?

“The Simple explanation for this is Grand Corruption”, Osinbajo explained.

He noted that as a way to curb and fight this; Muhammadu Buhari, upon coming to the office three years ago, insisted on executing and completing projects that has been long  abandoned despite awarding budgets for it on a yearly basis.

“There are lots of projects on the table that was meant to be completed for over 20 and 16 years ago but remained unexecuted or abandoned mid way even though series of yearly budgets were made for them each time.

“This was the order of day before Buhari came into office”, he said.

Osinbanjo cited examples of these money squandering projects.

“The Lagos – Ibadan Expressway has been a project that has been on forever.

“Why couldn’t the project be completed in a space of 16years, after all the entire road network was built in a 2year period during the Military Era.

“Lagos – Kano Railway has been on the table forever and the project just started 2 years ago. We will commissioning the first phase at the end of this montg

“Alaja Warri Railway has been on the table for 35 years and we just completed it now.

“Agro Project has been on for 40 years.

“Abuja light Road project has started since 2005 and we just completed it now.

“Why should start a project and not finish? Corruption”, Osinbajo questioned.

Speaking further, Osinbanjo noted Abuja to be at the receiving end of these ills.

“There are presently lots of empty houses, restaurants, malls and hotels built from stolen public funds in Abuja.

“Houses remained unoccupied or hotels and restaurants running at loss because the funds are not made available to them since Buhari has blocked them”, he stated.