Valentine’s day: Women want more enduring gifts

As the world celebrates St Valentine’s day, some women in Jos say they want enduring gifts, which will have great impacts on their lives.

In a survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Jos, the women said enduring gifts are better than transient gifts.

A quantity surveyor , Ms Glory Hasan, said that getting expensive flowers and dinner dates are the least of her desires during valentine.

“Give us what we need so that we will cherish you . For me, I am not particular that my gift should come from the opposite sex, anybody can gift me, but give me what I need,” she said.

An entrepreneur who pleaded anonymity said that she needs four new tyres and an overhaul of her car, to enable her go about her economic activities with ease.

“It is a gift and not about work.It to is a need I have and it would facilitate my safety and movement,” she said.

An entrepreneur , Miss Charity Francis said that she needs capital to expand her business as a valentine gift from anyone.

“I want to wake up with a credit alert of 1.8 million in my bank account. I have been thinking about expanding my business recently and that would require a huge amount of money to achieve that.

“I wish God would just put this money in to my hands as a valentine gift , I have prayed about it and have trust in God because it is possible with him.

“I have heard testimonies of how people trusted God with an amount greater than what am asking him, and he gave them and I trust him to do same for me,” she said .

A fashion stylist, Miss Laraba Yakubu said she needs landed property for valentine.

“ I am a civil servant with meagre salary. I have been struggling to defray my rent off my bucket list , but it is hard and the situation is worssening,”she said.

Meanwhile, the Global Director of the Kids With a Vision Foundation, Mrs Grace Adams, urged Nigerians to show love to the indigents especially orphans, as they need such support to have a secured future.

She said that the younger generation sometimes feel unloved by their siblings and the community, leading them to engage in social ills such as drug abuse , porn addiction and sexual immorality.

“As an orphanage operator, I try to encourage people to come to the home and other orphanages to spend time with the children,to encourage them and make them feel loved.

“Valentine has been bastardised and love interpreted in a negative light, and if we are not careful our children may be prone to accept this misinformation. So more visits to orphanages will enable curb these ills,” she said.

NAN reports that Valentine’s day is celebrated annually on Feb. 14, to celebrate love globally.

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